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Why Do Some Women Keep Attracting Men Who Are Dogs?

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Like a recurring nightmare, certain women can’t seem to break the cycle of attracting men who are bona fide dogs. These women seem to have a penchant for ending up in risky relationships and miserable marriages with loathsome males, but why?

Why are dishonorable males constantly drawn to these women? Why do the men they attract turn out to be abusers, liars, misogynistic, cheaters, fakes and men who end up ripping their hearts out? The liberating truth awaits you…

by Gillis Triplett

It Isn’t My Fault!
I once sat down and listened to a woman, I’ll call Danielle, read me the Riot Act about all of the DOGGISH no good men who had hurt her. Observing this woman on the surface, you wouldn’t have dreamed in a million years that she was a poster girl for failed relationships. Danielle was college educated, intelligent, a professing Christian and worked for a major corporation. Yes, she had it going on!

This furious sister ended her male bashing diatribe by stating that if she pieced all of her worthless ex-boyfriends together, she still couldn’t produce one single solitary good man. Danielle insisted that ALL MEN are dogs and blamed ALL OF US MEN for her pain. She refused to consider the thought that her recurring love traumas could be her fault.

After listening to her describe the type of males SHE ALLOWED into her life, I was deeply puzzled as to why she was so livid about how these bona fide dogs had mistreated, used and abused her. The fact is… SHE ALLOWED these mutts into her life. SHE PERMITTED these mutts to tamper with her physical body. SHE ALLOWED these mutts to toy with her emotions and SHE ALLOWED these mutts to play with her feelings.

Although it was tough to do, after much soul searching, Danielle finally conceded that she had become her own worst enemy. Like many women, she had unwittingly made herself become a magnet for dogs. Thank God Danielle was woman enough to admit it. Are you?

Dogs Will Always Be Around… So What’s a Girl To Do?
Know this for a certainty; men who are dogs will always exist. They subsist because there is a large pool of wanton females who eagerly bed them and put up with their crap. Heed this warning carefully…

Philippians 3:2
Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.

Therein lies the problem. Many women do not follow that preemptive admonition. They do not watch out for dogs. If you haven’t had the overwhelmingly disgusting experience of having a dog stain your heart or bruise your emotions, be eternally thankful!

Know The Facts About Men Who Are Dogs
Here is a brief synopsis of how these offensive males treat the female gender. They effortlessly abuse women, which includes but is not limited to: verbal, financial, sexual and physical abuse. Their silver bullet is domestic violence. They love to hit women and threaten them with harm. Some of them will slip GHB, Special K or Rophynol or some other date rape drug into a woman’s drink and commit the heinous act of rape without any semblance of a conscience.

The new in-thing for these deplorable dogs is secretly videotaping or taking pictures of their girlfriends or sex mates. In the fall of 2004, in Austell, Georgia, the police arrested a man after one of his ex-girlfriends gave detectives a videotape he made of them engaging in sex. He made the tape without her consent. After his arrest, police found videotapes of this man having sex with 30 different females dating back to 1999.

He had hidden surveillance cameras throughout his abode. This dog lured these females into his apartment of apathy and then exposed their nakedness and sexual exploits to others. Surely you’ve heard about other incidents such as: (a) Rebekah Revels? (b) Andrew Luster? (c) Yankee’s slugger, Gary Sheffield’s wife? And, (d) The R. Kelly videotapes? Women who undress in front of these male jerks will most likely feel the shame of their indiscretion when they least expect it!

Something else is happening… in November of 2004, Anthony Whitefield was found guilty of exposing at least 17 women to the deadly HIV virus. He tested positive over ten years ago, but did not reveal that he was infected to any of his dozens of sex partners. Beware; these types of cases and incidents are happening constantly.

These dogs will toy with a woman’s emotions and play endless gut wrenching mind games while at the same time professing their undying love. They will impregnate a woman and leave her pregnant and alone in a New York split second. To these males, walking away from kids they sire is just as easy as spitting on the sidewalk or littering.

You should know that males classified as dogs are proficient liars. Remember Scott Peterson, Vincent Brothers and Mark Hacking? They are so adept at lying; they are well capable of looking Jesus square in His eyes and swear they didn’t do it when they did. If you catch them in the act, forget about an admission of guilt. It usually won’t be forthcoming. These dudes are cold as ice as they altogether deny their misconduct, subtly change the subject or flip the script and blame you.

Given the opportunity, they will have sex with their girlfriend’s sister or wife’s best friend. These heartless mutts will commit any and all of these bizarre and harmful acts and then: (a) get angry at you for not trusting them (b) look you in the eyes and swear to God that they love you (c) have a good laugh about you with their road dogs (d) down a beer and a pizza (e) attend church, and (f) sleep like a baby. The bottom line… you never want to be in a relationship with a dog, NEVER! These males have lost all capacity for normal emotions!

A Lesson About Dogs…
To help you understand how dishonorable males succeed at dogging out the female gender, you need to understand four key points about the animal behavior of four legged mutts.

  • Dogs pick-up on certain scents
  • Dogs detest certain scents
  • Dogs mark their territory by urinating or defecating
  • Dogs detect the scent left by their mutt predecessors

Are you putting out scents that attract men who are dogs? Or, are you putting out the scent that repels dogs? To find out, answer these ten test questions. Be forewarned, if you answer, “yes” to any question, make no mistake about it, you are putting out the wrong scent!

1. Do You Value Yourself?
When a woman doesn't value herself... when a woman doesn't believe that she is a woman of worth, she puts out a strong scent to all dishonorable males. Ladies, hear me clearly on this crucial point; being a woman of worth and a woman of value is CHOICE that only you can make. Once you decide that you are worthy of love, respect and honor, you put out a scent that draws honorable men and repels the dogs.

If you have to, stand on a rooftop, lift up your voice to the world and sing, “I am a woman of value and I am a woman of worth!” Don’t allow dogs to mark you as their territory. Never open up your body, feelings or emotions to dishonorable males.

Live like the woman of worth that you are! If a male doesn’t see your value, quickly bid him farewell. But first, kindly inform him to take an indepth course on gemology. Obviously he doesn’t know the difference between a diamond and cubic zirconia’s.

2. Are You Willing To Have Sex Outside of Marriage?
Women who are willing to have sex without the protection and benefit of a marriage covenant, automatically devalue themselves. Their decision screams OPEN HOUSE to all vagabonds and sexual squatters!

Once a woman decides that she is willing to have sex outside of marriage, she puts out one of the strongest scents known to attract loathsome males. Like hyenas, these depraved scavengers salivate over the scent of a woman’s easy accessible flesh. To be blunt, once she gives it up, other mutts will detect the scent of their predecessors and make their push to be the next dog in line to hump her body.

3. Do You Live In a Fantasy World?
Some women make themselves easy targets for dogs because they live in a fantasy world. They have been dreaming of being swept off their feet by a “Knight in Shinning Armor” while totally rejecting the fact that multitudes of “Nights In Pining Armor” are on the prowl. They will believe almost anything that any man says. Even when a disreputable male glibly spurts out the magic words, “I love you,” these fantasy fueled females still have the tendency to fall head over heels in love.

4. Are You a Sex Trader?
This may sting a little, but surely you have heard about these types of females? They sex men up in return for materialistic favors. Sane people call it prostitution, but these females classify what they do as reasonable retribution. They give men sex and the men pay their light bills, mortgage and take them out on cruises and other glamorous dates. These females ascribe to the theory; “Men use me for their physical pleasure so I use men for their financial assets!”

Dishonorable males love these types of females because they help them avoid undercover prostitution stings and the challenges of dealing with over-priced call girls and lesbian strippers. You can catch these females sexing up single, engaged and married men. In order to earn rent payments, nice jewelry and spending money, they will do it all… cohabit, booty calls, affairs and juggle multiple sex partners.

In spite of their lewd conduct… giving OPEN FLESH INVITATIONS to despicable males and ridiculing good men, they still assert that ALL MEN ARE DOGS. These modern day gold-diggers escape accountability for their mischievous deeds by transforming themselves into passionately articulate male bashing spin-doctors.

5. Do You Intentionally Overlook Bad Behaviors?
These women see and feel their man’s volatile temper, lies, abuse, drug/alcohol/pornography addictions, infidelities, homosexuality and other misogynistic ways. Yet, they bull headedly proceed forward in the relationship anyway. After seeing millions of sisters fail this task time and time again, they still swear their love, beauty and sexual prowess can magically transform their two-legged dog into a proverbial prince.

6. Are You a Simple-Minded Woman ?
Proverbs 9:13 says, “A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing.” To be simple-minded means to be easily seduced. When it comes to men, the one word to describe this type of woman is “Easy!” Men don’t have to do or say much to get with them. They sincerely believe all men are honorable. They prove their baseless theory by recklessly putting their faith in untrustworthy men.

In no way do I intend on sounding condescending, but these types of women give new meaning to being clueless. Some simple-minded females claim, “It is better to be with half a man, than no man at all.” Their reasoning is bizarre to sane individuals, but these women believe it is better to be with a thug, pimp, player, user or abuser than to be altogether man less. How foolish are the thoughts of fools!

7. Do You Have a Spirit of Rebellion?
The scent of rebellion is like an enticing aroma to woman haters. They easily sniff out rebellious females. These women won’t listen to caring family, friends or relatives. In their minds, they have got life and men figured out… at least that’s what they adamantly believe.

Even though their rebellion constantly places them risky relationships, their harden hearts and stiff-necks make them non-receptive to any wise advice. Even when God tries to warn them, these women turn a deaf ear and plunge heart first into the arms of treacherous males.

8. Do You Have the Spirit of a Strange Woman?
Proverbs 22:14 says, “The mouth of strange women is a deep pit: he that is abhorred of the LORD shall fall therein.” A strange woman is a woman who has altogether rejected God.

Did you read the rap sheet on these females? Their mouths are like deep pits. Meaning that any man who engages in a relationship with such a female, will fall into a dark hole and most likely won’t get out. Dark holes such as paternity fraud, false abuse/rape charges, marital fraud and spousal abandonment. These females cannot be trusted!

Did you also notice the type of men the scent of strange women attracts? Men who abhor the Lord. To abhor means to detest. Like spotted hyenas, these spiritually vagrant males detect the scent of strange women from miles away. Once they pick up her scent, they will pursue her until they find themselves devouring her strange flesh.

9. Does All of Your Information About Men Come From Females?
When everything a woman has learned about men comes only from females, she has put herself at a hazardous disadvantage. Ladies, be crystal clear on this point; no matter how intelligent you are; there are certain things women WILL NEVER comprehend about men… NEVER!

Although their intentions are good, women who try to decipher the male gender are doing just that… trying! I must be blunt. A woman’s knowledge base of the male gender is tainted by her lack of a male ego, testosterones, male identity, masculinity and the male hard drive commonly known as the penis. There’s no other way to put it… those limitations cause a woman’s perspective about men to be man less.

When a woman’s understanding of men comes only from females, she resembles a cargo ship whose heavy payload is placed entirely on the starboard. She is completely out of balance. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that ship will list. These crafty males have been well trained on how to manipulate a woman’s emotions and short-circuit her woman’s intuition.

Ladies, you can talk to other women until you are blue in the face, but there are soooo MANY critical things you will never grasp about these dishonorable males until you sit down and talk to honorable men.

10. Do You Have Any Relationship Training?
The women who answer “No,” to this vital question are sitting targets for dogs. Dishonorable males bank on women not understanding:

  • The current day dynamics of love, sex, relationships and marriage
  • The difference between honorable men and dishonorable males
  • The various snares, traps and tricks used by scheming males
  • When a man has mobilized himself for marriage
  • How God warns you about dangerous males
  • How to tell when a man is wearing masks
  • How to tell when a man is an abuser
  • What true love is

No woman should be dating, let alone getting married until she has been trained to reign in the area of love, sex, relationships and marriage. Women who roll the dice and wing it, rarely win at love. Regrettably, working against them are misogynistic males who have invented sophisticated tricks and harmful plots the average woman would never fathom in a zillion years. Proper training protects you from their, seductions, tricks and traps.

So how did you fair? Were you sending out any scents that attract dishonorable dogs? Did this teaching help you at all?

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