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This is a place for healing, education, restoration and preparation…

God has glorious plans for your love life, (See Jeremiah 29:11). It is our earnest prayers, vision and mission to see to it that His plans for your love life come to pass!

Our primary focus is twofold: (1) protect you from falling into the harmful and sometimes deadly - love, sex, relationships and marital pitfalls and booby traps, and (2) properly prepare you for the love of your life.

Partake of our ever-growing list of life-changing articles and powerful resource tools. When the time comes for love, you will be ready!

In this masterfully written book, Gillis explores how relationships that couples initially view as nearly perfect can go bad, and, tragically how some liaisons even become deadly.

The compelling stories recounted of failed relationships run the gamut from unsuspecting fiancées being left at the altar to men trapped by paternity fraud predators.

While a great deal of relationship information that is readily available to the public addresses what can be done to cope after a breakup or divorce, the real answer lies in preventing a failed relationship.

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Sexual Sins 101

If you are struggling with homosexuality or lesbianism, we prayerfully urge you to visit these ministry websites:

Abortion 101
Through the years I have ministered to countless women who are suffering from (PAS) Post Abortion Syndrome. I have encountered women who have had up to nine abortions. Whether they had one abortion or nine, they all had three common denominators: (1) they did not clearly understand the consequences or risks of having an abortion, (2) they eventually regretted their decision, and (3) they desperately wanted go back in time and erase what they did, but could not. Abortion 101 is designed to help you understand the true facts concerning abortion.

Sadly, minority women constitute only about 26% of the female population (age 15-44) in the United States, but they underwent approximately 36% of the abortions. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, black women are more than 3 times as likely as white women to have an abortion. Whether you are black, white, red, yellow or brown, we are here for you! I encourage you, if you are contemplating having an abortion to take the assessment test and thoroughly examine our other resources on the subject. If you have already had an abortion, visit the below link and start the healing process now!

Domestic Violence 101
If a person does not understand domestic violence and cannot discern this evil spirit, they should not be dating or courting. The reason is simple… domestic violence is prevalent in our society. There are men and women who firmly believe in using abuse and physical force to express themselves. How bad is this problem?

In August of 1997, Bonnie Campbell, director of the Justice Department's Violence Against Women Office, has said that the numbers provide "sobering proof" that domestic violence is underreported. In fact, according to projections from the 1997 study, 204,129 women and 38,790 men annually seek emergency-room treatment from injuries related to domestic violence. These are disturbing numbers. Your training starts with learning: The 8 Laws of Domestic Violence. Next, you need to thoroughly understand what domestic violence is. Often times men and women are victims of domestic violence, but don't realize until it is too late. Finally, if you are in an abusive relationship or marriage, we've got resources to help you escape!

Cohabiting 101
When it comes to love, sex, relationships and marriage, oftentimes, men and women make decisions based solely on their feelings, sexual urges and emotions. Cohabiting has is one of those areas in which individuals participate in without thinking through all of the risks and consequences. At Cohabitation 101, our mission is to help you understand all of the aspects of living together.

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Dating 101
Teen Sex 101

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