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Why Won’t He Call Back?

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You’ve met a good man. He’s Mr. Right and you know it! The two of you clicked, but he doesn’t call you back? Why not? Bewildered, you think, “But everything was so right? Was it something I said or did? Didn’t he feel that unmistakable chemistry? Wasn’t the spark there?” We all know why dishonorable men, players and pimps won’t call back, but why do knights in shinning armor stop their pursuit? In reality, men are easy to understand and in this quick read, I’ll share with you, the ten primary reasons why good men won’t call a woman back.

by Gillis Triplett

1. She Lacks Femininity
In our gender war based society, some women have become hard, abrasive and competitive in a manly way. Dealing with these types of females is like talking to or interacting with a man. They lack womanliness and softness, those special qualities attributed to femininity.

Unfortunately, they have become so indoctrinated to be tough like a man, they don’t even realize they have adopted undesirable manly attributes. These types of females are an extreme turn off for any good man.

There’s something attractive and sensual about a true feminine woman. They don’t talk like Lil Kim, dress like Christina Aguilera or act like Britney Spears, but they have a special essence about themselves that says to an honorable man, “She must be a special lady?” Women without femininity have an uncanny knack for driving away a good man.

2. She Has The, “All Men Are Dogs Syndrome.”
Since being with her, he has learned about all of the bad things MEN have done to her. Yes, she has had a string of bad relationships. But she altogether rejects the fact that she chose to be with jerks, pimps, thugs, players, abusers, dogs, ballers and shot callers. Since she is now convinced that ALL MEN ARE DOGS, even when a good man crosses her path, she’s going to see, smell and detect a four-legged mutt!

These type of females wouldn’t acknowledge a good man if God personally appeared to them in a vision and said, “This is my son in whom I’m well pleased!” All good men recognize this sinister spirit and destructive attitude. They run from these females before they are unjustly categorized into their flippant generalizations. No good man wants to be talked to or treated like a dog!

3. She Is an Angry Bitter Female
This dangerous group of females take the, “All men are dogs,” mentality to the next level. They seek to get revenge. They have been in risky relationships and miserable marriages and for their heartbreak and trauma, they are viciously bitter against the ENTIRE male gender.

They hold ALL MEN accountable for what some jerk or dishonorable male did to them. They even punish the men who tried to warn them to stay away from: thugs, pimps, players, users, abusers and freaks. No male escapes their vengeful wrath. With these females forgiveness IS NOT an option. Once they meet a man, their sulphuric acid emotions and hostile feelings towards ALL MALES will eventually scald him. No sane good man will call this type of female back.

4. She Has Children
This may be hard for some single mothers to swallow, but some men simply do not want to raise another man’s child. End of discussion! Whatever their reasons, (i.e., her baby’s mamma drama, mis-behaved kids, furor with the baby’s father, etc.) a woman with a child needs to respect their position and leave these men alone!

Don’t date them! Don’t get engaged to them! Don’t try and convince them that they will eventually love your child. And for the love of God, don’t dare marry this type of man. When a man takes issue with raising another man’s child, he is not a suitable mate for any single mom.

I advise women to always be up front and let a man know if she is a single mother. Don’t wait a week or a month. Do it immediately! That way, if he is the type of man who does not want to raise another man’s child, she won’t waste either of their time. Her’s, he’s or the kid’s.

5. She’s Not The One
She’s got it together: education, car, house, looks, church and the whole nine yards. But, she’s not The One for him! She felt something, but he didn’t. Her heart fluttered, but his didn’t. Remember, it takes two to tango. If he doesn’t feel like dancing with you… if he doesn’t sense the chemistry, let him go and move on. Don’t take it personally and don’t try to force it. Know this for a certainty, True Love will find you!

6. He Perceives She’s Desperate
Some women will do or say anything to snag a man. Once a man asks them out or once they ask a man out, it’s ON! Everything these females do and say from that point on, screams, “entrapment!” They will employ their feminine wiles, manipulation, biological clock, guilt and seductive sex traps to snare him.

As cunning as these females are, their desperation comes forth as a simmering stench. Honorable men are weary of these females and run the other way when they meet them. No call back is warranted!

7. She Has a Storied Past
We live in a society in which females are tricked, pressured, coaxed and lured into expressing their sexuality. In today’s environment, it is not uncommon for a woman to have had 2, 3, 4 or more sex partners prior to getting married. Contrary to what is publicized by the media, music and Hollywood, most honorable men simply won’t take a chance with a woman who has been with a number of sex partners.

Knowing that their potential wife and mother of their children has had sex with Tom, Skeet, Pimp Daddy and King Kong, weighs heavily on a some men’s conscience. It is common for me to meet married men who are greatly disturbed about the fact that their wife had previous sex partners before they married. Regrettably, they never discussed how her past might affect his conscience prior to getting married. Believe it or not, some men refuse to marry a woman unless she is a virgin.

When they find out about her storied past, a call back IS NOT an option. That does not mean she won’t find True Love, it just means that because of her sexual past, certain men won’t find her to be a suitable mate.

8. He Has Not Mobilized Himself For Matrimony
There will be times when you meet what seems to be the perfect man. The chemistry is there. You’re both attracted to each other. You’re like two peas in a pod, but he has not mobilized himself for matrimony.

Understand this; men and women view marriage differently. When women see marriage, usually the first thing they see is the ring, gown, bride’s maids and that breathtaking glide down the aisle. When men see marriage, the first thing they see is the financial responsibility. The ability or inability to take care of their wife and children.

If an honorable man does not believe he has mobilized his career and finances to handle this responsibility, he usually won’t call back. No matter how fine, beautiful or smart she is. Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with a fear of commitment or getting cold feet.

The question on a man’s mind is “How am I going to take care of her if we get married?” If he doesn’t have the answer to that question right then and there, although she may not understand it, he clearly understands that he has not mobilized himself for matrimony.

9. She’s Easy As Sunday Morning
Some females have no morals, values or self-respect. They have no qualms about having sex outside of marriage. Including but not limited to: one-night stands, multiple sex partners and cohabiting. These easily swayed females will do and try anything: lesbianism, dancing at strip clubs, orgies, abortions, pornography and drugs. They have no shame.

Once they meet a man, it doesn’t take much for them to agree to have sex or let him know; “I want to sex you up!” Although these females are magnets for dishonorable males, pimps and players, they still seek out good men to ensnare into their licentious lifestyle. Amazingly, when they don’t get a call back from a good man, they scratch their heads and wonder, “What’s wrong with him?”

They very rarely look in the mirror and ask, “What’s wrong with me?” They never see that they are their own worst enemy. They live for the moment with the errant belief that there will be no consequences.

When honorable men meet these types of women, they reason within themselves, “Hmmm, if she eagerly gives herself to any man before marriage, she’ll eagerly give herself to any man or woman after marriage.” No reasonable sane man would consider marrying such a female. Good men want to marry a pure woman. A woman they can safely trust with all of their heart. A woman who won’t do them any harm all the days of their lives.

10. She Has The Modern Day Matriarch Mentality
Matriarch means: 1. A woman who rules a family, clan, or tribe. 2. A woman who dominates a group or an activity. 3. The mother and ruler of a family or of her descendants. These females have taken the position that WOMEN RULE!

Although they easily enter into relationships and marriages, the truth is… they have little to zero respect for the male gender. It pains these females to listen to a man. When a man talks, or as they say, “Starts running his dog gone mouth!” These females see his lips moving, but all they hear is; “Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah… hurry up a finish for goddess’ sake!”

To be blunt, they adamantly decree: “Men don’t know what the hell they are doing or talking about and anything a man can do, a woman can do better!” They see women as head of the family and no man is going to usurp THEIR authority; husband or boyfriend.

Most of today’s matriarchs were raised by single mothers. If you examine their family trees, you will most likely uncover two damning pieces of evidence: (a) a list of domineering females, and (b) a list of emasculated males.

The other women who opt-in to adopt the matriarch mentality do it because it gives them a sense of power over the male gender. They run the show and they like it like that. They will cut down their boyfriend or husband at the drop of a dime and glory in the fact that they (a woman) put a man in his place. Their mantra is: WOMEN RULE!

Good men with common sense meet these types females and leave them in the dust quickly as possible. There’s no need for a callback or another date. No sane man will waste his time pursuing a woman he’s sure of getting into catastrophic power struggles with. Only thugs, players, emasculated males, momma’s boys and hen-pecked males tolerate engaging in foolish skirmishes with these domineering divas.

Real men recognize what these modern day matriarchs stand for and walk away before they become the next male victim of their stink nasty attitudes and viperous tongues.

There you have it! The ten primary reasons good men won’t call a woman back and why they avoid certain types of women. What does all of this mean? It means that you as a woman must be honest with yourself. Are you harboring any negative vibes, sinister spirits or harmful attributes that would drive an honorable man away? Can an honorable man safely trust you with all of his heart and are you a virtuous life-giving woman?

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