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The Differences Between Miss Right And Miss Wrong

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Men! Hold your horses! Before you march to your local jeweler and snatch up an engagement ring, enquiring minds want to know… "Have you been properly trained on how to select a mate?"

Actually, we are not enquiring minds. We are men who know the value of choosing Miss Right and the devastation and pain that comes with choosing Miss Wrong.

At Mastering Manhood, our articles, training material and conferences are designed to help you make the right decision, concerning The One, the first time around!

In this article, Mike Ramey of the Manhood Line, draws the dividing line and clearly discloses the differences between Miss Right and Miss Wrong…

by Mike Ramey of the Manhoodline

Miss Right will give a man courage; Miss Wrong will give a man drama.

Miss Right goes to and believes in church; Miss Wrong can't find the church.

Miss Right shuns the club; Miss Wrong worships the club.

Miss Right understands submission; Miss Wrong understands independence.

Miss Rights values her reputation; Miss Wrong values her education.

Miss Right believes in marriage, home, children; Miss Wrong accepts children, home; then--maybe--marriage.

Miss Right is a joy to be around; Miss Wrong is a joy when she leaves town.

Miss Right learns from her mistakes; Miss Wrong has made no mistakes.

Miss Right views adultery as wrong; Miss Wrong says its 'job training'.

Miss Right seldom raises her voice; Miss Wrong seldom lowers her voice.

Miss Right knows how to dress; Miss Wrong knows how to start mess.

Miss Right is loyal to a man; Miss Wrong is loyal to her friends.

Miss Right is a friend to the upright; Miss Wrong is a friend to her bank account.

Miss Right is optimistic; Miss Wrong is materialistic.

Miss Right says YES to marriage; Miss Wrong says YES to a long weekend.

Miss Right will accept correction; Miss Wrong will accept plastic.

Miss Right's life is one of class; Miss Wrong's life is--tragic.

Miss Right is encouraging; Miss Wrong is enraging.

Miss Right does not whine if life gets rough; Miss Wrong goes on a talk show.

Miss Right practices abstinence; Miss Wrong practices 'selective amnesia'.

Miss Right uplifts womanhood; Miss Wrong uplifts 'the no good'.

Miss Right avoids bad men; Miss Wrong invites them in.

Miss Right is a homebuilder; Miss Wrong is a home wrecker.

Miss Right knows how to cook; Miss Wrong knows how to microwave.

Miss Right lets a man woo her; Miss Wrong chases men at the slightest chance.

Miss Right is worthy of respect; Miss Wrong smiles at train wrecks.

Miss Right won't be chased by a married man; Miss Wrong eagerly grabs them by the hand.

Brothers--Miss Right is real, and not a figment of your imagination; Miss Wrong is also real, and the byproduct of feminist indoctrination.

Now, Miss Wrong may cuss, drink and fight; Miss Wrong can 'light up' a TV screen every night; she may be in a penthouse, or a shack of tin;

But the woman at the altar, the one who does win, is named Miss Right--wife, mother, and a husband's best friend.

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Mike Ramey is the author of "The Manhood Line", an international monthly, syndicated column for men, written from the biblical, business, and common-sense perspective. You can contact him at All material © 2004 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications International. 

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