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Are You a Man or a Male?
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Have you arrived at manhood? Most men erroneously believe they reach manhood: (a) at a certain age, (b) when they have their first sexual encounter, (c) when they have their first drink, or (d) when they get a job or start making lots of money.

How does a male determine when he has successfully made the transition from boyhood or adulthood into manhood? Mike Ramey aptly gives us seven quick tests questions to help all men answer the manhood question…

by Mike Ramey of the Manhoodline

I want to prepare you for this month's column, as it will get a little heated. Manhood, as I have stated in previous columns, is firmly rooted in training and discipline. One may be male by birth, but becoming a man is a journey which a male must make in order to realize not only his full potential, but to become a benefit to his home, church, community and society in general.

Manhood, as I have stated, also requires an unwavering loyalty to the truth, regardless of public opinion, personal thought, family critiques, or historical revisionists. The sole purpose of "The Manhoodline Line" is to help men become better, instead of bitter. We tune into God, and sharpen our pictures to receive his transmission. For there is no real manhood apart from a relationship with the only perfect model, and molder of men, Jesus Christ.

I had the most recent pleasure to appear on Rudy Porter's "Let's Talk", radio program, in Anderson, Indiana. Now, I have appeared on a variety of local radio talk shows, talking about this column, and men's issues. But you never really know how well your game is, until you play another field, and in another stadium.

So, get your pencils and pens out, and circle the answers to this little quiz:

Are you Man or a Male?

1. A man does not carry a grudge. A male looks for ways to get even.

2. A man takes every opportunity to better himself. A male complains that he has to stay where he is.

3. A man gives to his community. A male takes from his community.

4. A man is measured by his character. A male is measured by his sex drive.

5. A man is a protector of women in general, and committed to one woman in particular. A male views women as chattel, and is not committed to any one woman.

6. A man is secure in his Manhood, and is striving to help other Men realize that same security. A male is not secure in his Manhood, and uses the gun, knife, club or pipe to tear down other individuals.

7. A man has established a firm relationship with God, church, and other godly men. A male uses the church for his own gain, shuns godly council and training, and seeks God only when trouble comes.

But we cannot be content, in the words of Rev. Gene C. Baker, "To have our boat tied to the wrong dock."

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Mike Ramey is the author of "The Manhood Line", an international monthly, syndicated column for men, written from the biblical, business, and common-sense perspective. You can contact him at All material © 2004 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications International. 

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