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Stanley Speakman – Minister and Motivational Speaker

The best way to describe Stanley Speakman is to say that he is a sergeant at arms, an armor bearer, a man of unwavering faith and a fisherman of men.

A military child, by the time Stanley was ten years old, he had traveled and seen half the world. After high school, Stanley followed his father’s footsteps of honorably serving and protecting our country by enlisting in the revered United States Army.

During his 21 years of distinguished military service, Speakman stayed focused on his education by completing an Associated Degree in Liberal Arts from the City College, University of Maryland, and a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Faulkner Christian University in Montgomery, Alabama.

Speakman’s diverse ministry background has made him uniquely qualified to be a Mastering Manhood team member. Like the apostle Paul, Speakman can handle an assortment of ministry requests and demands. He has ministered at Baptist Churches, Holiness Churches and Full Gospel Churches and has had ministry participation engagements alongside the Navigators and Promise Keepers.

The list of countries he has ministered in includes Israel, Germany, England, France, Italy and Soul Korea, to name a few. Because of his commitment to Christ and dedication to the church, Stanley was officially ordained as a Deacon in 1997.

Speakman is blissfully married with two boys. He resides in Ellenwood, Georgia and is currently employed with DeKalb County Police Department as a Senior Officer. 

Gillis Triplett, Founder and CEO of Mastering Manhood, says about Stanley, “Brother Speakman is the type of man of God all pastors pray for to assist them in fulfilling their God-given vision and mission. He not only has the true heart of an armor bearer, he also brings the Word of God with passion, accuracy and fire. His love for the people of God and his burning desire to see men and women receive Christ as their personal Saviour makes him a valuable asset to the Body of Christ at large. We affectionately call him, ‘Stan the man!’ Brother Stanley will tune-up and re-energize your men’s ministry!” His topics include:

Listen Up Son!
Straight talk to young men about preparing to enter into manhood. This session is for teenage boys, (ages 12 thru 19). They will learn the importance of knowing and following their God-given vision. They will also come to understand that God has endowed them with specific gifts, talents and abilities and how to stir those gifts up and use them in the business arena and market place. Finally, Brother Stanley will walk them through what is expected of them as they transition from boyhood to manhood.

The Great Commission
Most have heard about the Great commission, but how many Believers actually fulfill this critical mandate? This session is not for ministers, although they can attend, it is geared towards lay Christians. Speakman will ignite, inspire and show men how to become soul winners in their homes, on their jobs and in their daily walk of life!

Marriage & Family
Every man faces challenges after he says, “I do!” How he deals with those challenges will determine if he has a vibrant marriage and a peaceful home, or if his marriage vows turn into a literal nuptial nightmare. Brother Stan shows men how to stay the course and remain steady as the wind blows. This session is a must for all men!

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