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Robert Vann – Author, Trainer and Speaker

Robert Vann is Executive Director and co-founder with his wife, Maria Vann of: A Strictly Biblical Perspective Ministries Inc.A ministry dedicated to assisting local churches, ministries, chaplains and addiction counselors in developing a greater capacity for ministering to the incarcerated, ex-prisoners and their families.

Vann empowers ministries with in-prison aftercare and addiction ministries to become highly affective and receptive in ministering to this often disregarded and misunderstood population. He provides specialized training in meeting their spiritual, emotional and social needs.

Vann has served as Program Manager and Aftercare Specialist for Transition of Prisoners Inc., a faith based aftercare program partnering with the Michigan Department of Corrections. He is an ordained minister with over fourteen year’s experience in ministry and has a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling from Wayne State University and was a member of Koinonia House National Advisory Board, Wheaton, Illinois. Robert has conducted numerous mentoring training workshops and provided aftercare consultation for organizations such as…

  • Detroit TOP (formerly a Prison Fellowship Ministry, PFM)
  • Koinonia House Ministries
  • Exodus Ministries, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Prodigal Ministry, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Operation Turnaround, a statewide faith based initiative partnering with the Virginia Department of Corrections
  • Soteria World Outreach Ministries, Greenville, SC

Because of his immense passion to reach the least of these, Robert has trained over a thousand mentors and hundreds of ministry leaders throughout the United States in sixteen states. He is the author of The Principles of Effective Mentoring of Ex Prisoners, published by Prison Fellowship Ministries, where he was employed for seven years as an Aftercare Case Manager.

He has also designed a Biblically strategic curriculum for ministering to individuals being restored from drug/alcohol addiction, The One Step with Jesus Restoration Program, a Biblical Cognitive Approach to addressing addiction/relapse prevention. He is also the author of, I am My Brother’s Keeper, (Laying a Biblical Foundation for Mentoring Ex-Prisoners), and My Brother Is My Keeper, (Preparing Christian Ex-Prisoners for Mentoring). Some of Vann’s powerful training sessions include:

• Mentor/Mentoree Training

• Addiction/Relapse Prevention Training

• Youth Addiction Prevention Workshop (currently underdevelopment)

• Consulting Services

• Plus much, much more…

CEO and Founder of Mastering Manhood, Gillis Triplett says of Vann, “Without question Robert is the premier leader when it comes to successfully ministering to ex-prisoners, the incarcerated and those battling with addictions. With his proven indepth training program and his no nonsense approach to transforming lives - ministries, prisons and prison aftercare outreaches can actually succeed, not only at reducing recidivism amongst ex-offenders, but also of empowering the down trodden to be made whole!” I earnestly encourage all pastors, prison ministry officials, faith based ministry leaders, wardens, prison aftercare leaders, case workers and counselors to consult with Robert Vann on how to tailor your program for maximum success.”

To visit Robert’s website go to:

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