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Gillis Triplett – Best Selling Author, Pastor & Teacher

Gillis TriplettThe best way to define Gillis Triplett is to say that he is a teacher, trainer, cultivator of men, coach, motivator, visionary, natural born leader and a man of unflinching faith.

Gillis is the founder of Gillis Triplett Ministries, the flagship of an all-encompassing multifaceted group of ministries headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

This potent network of ministries includes: Embassy Christian Center, Mastering Manhood, The Naked Truth Seminars and the School of Healing. As a wise master builder, Gillis understands that the strength, steadfastness and stability of any ministry, family or organization is determined by the strength and depth of its foundation.

With a Rock solid foundation established, Gillis has committed himself to fully following the Lord's vision for his life and ministry. He is an anointed teacher of the Word, gifted by God with the ability to break the scriptures down and give understanding to the most highly educated and to the least educated in the same breath.

Triplett is the Founder and Pastor of Mastering Manhood. A men’s ministry that is strengthening the church and rebuilding our society by cultivating and producing strong men. He is the visionary and driving force behind the Naked Truth Seminars. There he teaches men and women how to find and experience True Love by avoiding the numerous pitfalls and booby traps so many people fall prey to when it comes to seeking a mate.

Gillis has written over 60 life-changing articles and he regularly receives thanks from individuals all over world about his impacting teachings. He is the author of the riveting spiritual warfare training manual, “How To Make The Devil Obey You!!!, and the highly acclaimed book on love, sex, and relationships, Why People Choose The Wrong Mate: Avoiding The 9 Deadly Booby Traps.

He came to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ in December of 1988 at a businessmen's meeting in Monrovia, California. Immediately after experiencing the new birth, Gillis hungered and thirsted after righteousness and began studying the Word of God, meditating on the Scriptures and spending time face to face with the Lord in prayer, at an all-consuming pace. Because of his spiritual tenacity, Gillis has grown in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man.

Says Triplett, “My mission in life is to educate, edify and empower you to fulfill your God-given purpose…”

Some of his powerful sessions include:

  • The 8 Steps To Manhood
  • There’s Only Two Ways To Be Man!
  • Things Men Should Always Ask a Potential Mate But Never Do?
    The Instrument Rated Christian
  • In The School of Prayer; With Christ
  • God’s Purpose For The Black Male Seed
  • Listen Up Son! Straight talk to young men about sex (Ages 14-18) 

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