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Fred Jones, Esq. – Minister and Motivational Speaker

Fred Jones is one of the most powerful and exciting communicators in the Body of Christ today. He is a teacher, a preacher, an encourager and a builder of men. It is difficult to come into his presence without being charged and motivated to be the best you can be for Christ.

All great men of God start with a God-given vision and Fred’s God-given vision, “Building the Church by building men,” has been indelibly etched in his mind and heart by the Holy Spirit.

His passion, called, “The Father’s Movement,” stems from his love for our Heavenly Father and his personal experience as a single father.

This experience distinguishes him as a leading authority on single parenting and compels him to also stand as an advocate for single mothers. He does so by helping fathers to understand the struggles of single parenting and calling them to be capable, accountable and responsible in raising their children.

The Father’s Movement is being advanced through Fred’s Powerful articles, messages and seminars where he charges men to “POSSESS THE LAND!” He believes this is a biblical mandate and a primary covenant right of every man. Here are some of Fred’s empowering training sessions:

• Five Keys To Start You Real Estate Investing Career

• Seven People You Must Have On Your Team

• Credit Education: What Is Your Score?

• Fred’s Financial Freedom Plan

When asked about his background, Fred will tell you that he is the twelfth of fourteen children born to Mose and Beatrice Jones in Fort Necessity, Louisiana, that he is an Attorney At Law, an ordained minister, business law professor and has two teenage sons. He would neglect to tell you that he is such a man of integrity and conviction that he gave up a promising career in corporate America and put his speaking ministry on hold to focus on raising his sons.

After you have known him for awhile he might tell you that one of the greatest rewards of fatherhood for him came on the day that one of his teen sons told him that he was one of the best preachers in the country.

Fred is also the Founder/Executive Director of “THE ADVOCATES,” a ministry to law students, bar applicants and young attorneys. The mission of this organization is to change the heart and face of the legal profession by practicing the principles of Jesus Christ. You will be able to learn more about this ministry in the near future by visiting

Finally, Fred continues to serve faithfully on the prayer team of his local church. He is currently working on his first book, Confessions of a Single Dad. He and his two teenage sons live in Marietta, Georgia.

You may learn more about Fred Jones by visiting his website at:

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