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Craig Renard Dunbar – CEO, Radio Host and Author

C. Renard Dunbar is the CEO of Position One Management Consultants, a Marietta, Georgia based firm that has provided financial and strategic planning resources to business throughout America and abroad.

Craig was educated at the highly ranked School of Business at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He has had numerous accomplishments in the academic, political, and business arena.

Craig has been a professor of business for four years in the 1980’s at Southern University, the largest historically black university in America. Since the early 90’s he has hosted business and finance related broadcasts on gospel radio stations in metropolitan areas of the southeastern U. S.

He is a former Marketing Director for the Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana and served a year as the Executive Director of a metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. He also served as Board Chairman of a multi-million dollar social services corporation overseeing healthcare, educational, and indigent care programs in a major metropolitan area.

In the late 1980’s, Craig received acclaim for putting together a program that went into inner city neighborhoods and provided free classes, seminars, and resources on personal finance and household economics. The goal was to assist these persons in becoming more economically self-reliant and financially astute.

He has also served as an assistant to a former United States Congressman and been a consultant to various political campaigns. He received widespread recognition as the Program Coordinator to Project Start-Up, the nationally acclaimed and award-winning entrepreneurship training program at Clayton State University in metro Atlanta. As an author, he is published regularly by various national news and business-related publications. He also does commercial radio and corporate voice work. Since 1990, he has been the owner of Position One Management Consultants, based in metro Atlanta.

Says Gillis Triplett, Founder and CEO of Mastering Manhood, “Craig Dunbar has a passion for seeing others succeed in business. His relentless pursuit to help others achieve entrepreneurial success has made him the go to man for the next generation of successful CEO’s and business leaders. His recipe for success is simple: Business by the Book, that is by the Word of God!” Some of the topics covered by Dunbar are as follows:

Get On With The Business of Doing Business
A motivational seminar that encourages people with the entrepreneurial spirit to go forward with Godly wisdom. This is not just motivational speech; Craig will set you on fire and deliver to you the business basics you need to get started to fulfilling your God-given vision.

Marketing “On the Real”
Simplifies Marketing and Provides Tactics and Concepts that make sense for “where we live,” in the real-word. This is an easy to understand presentation.

Business Planning “On the Real”
Dissects the business planning process, simplifies it, provides realistic and practical approaches to successful business planning preparation.

Starting a Successful Business
Step by step layout of procedures required for starting a business in a given state or city. Can be tailored to fit any state or city.

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