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What's Coming Up!

Books - New Release

Beware of the Spirit of ReligionBeware of the Spirit of Religion

  • What is a ministry's worst nightmare?
  • What must every pastor be on guard for?
  • What must every congregation protect itself from?

The Spirit of Religion!

Whether you are a lay Christian or called to the five-fold office of the ministry, Beware of The Spirit of Religion is a must read!

You'll learn why the spirit of religion is so deadly and how to vaccinate yourself from this spiritually infectious virus. You'll also learn the tens signs to let you know when a person or a ministry has been infected with spirit of religion and what you must do about it! Coming soon!!!

Book - New Release

Teach Yourself How To Study The BibleTeach Yourself How To Study The Bible

One of the greatest challenges for the average Believer is learning how to study the Bible. I hear these questions all of the time.

Where do I start? What's the difference between reading and studying? How do I get a clear understanding of what is written? What type of Bible should I use?

I read about the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Understanding. I read about the Spirit of Knowledge and the Spirit of Counsel, how do I get them activated the in my life?

I want to hear God's voice, to be able to know when He is speaking to me, how do I get to that point? This powerful training tool has the answers to those questions and more! Coming soon!!! 

Book - New Release

Soul Ties – When Your Past Relationships Come Back To Haunt Your Future LoveSoul Ties - When Your Past Relationships Come Back To Haunt Your Future Love

One of the most dangerous mistakes people make when getting married, is having soul ties with previous boyfriends, girlfriends, ex-spouses and ex-lovers.

Past soul ties has been the Achilles heel for many marriages and potential relationships.

In Soul Ties, I'll not only cover soul ties, but I'll also deal with flesh ties and spiritual ties.

You'll learn how these three ties (soul, flesh and spirit ties) once formed together, create a hard to break bond that can come back to haunt your future love.

This is an indispensable training tool for those considering marriage, pre-marital counselors, pastors, marriage counselors and therapists. Coming soon!!!

Potent Life Changing Teaching Series

Kill The Men But Let The Women Live - This teaching series pulls the cover off of, and sheds the light of God's Word on one of satan's primary but least understood strategies against the church. Pastors, you must get this series to understand the fierce battle satan has waged against the church and against your ministry - to prevent you from evangelizing and discipling men. This teaching may very well be the turning point in your ministry! Coming soon!!!

There's Only Two Ways To Be a Man! - What is the path most males take in life? They go from boyhood to adulthood but never reach manhood. That's not a criticism. It's an irrefutable statement of fact! We are males by birth but we become men by choice. Manhood is not obtained by virtue of a man's age nor does manhood come through osmosis. In this desperately needed Word from the Lord, you'll learn how to properly make the transition from boyhood or adulthood to manhood. Clearly, every male man must hear this pivotal teaching! It will transform your life and impact you eternally forever! Coming soon!!!

Operation Spiritual Midwives 2004

God is calling a special group of women in the Body of Christ to participate in a tactical mission that will serve as the igniter to usher in one of the greatest harvests of men into the kingdom of God, the Body of Christ has probably ever seen!

Strategically speaking, this move of God won't take place unless three things happen: (1) the spiritual midwives must clearly understand their mission (2) the spiritual midwives must be in proper position, and (3) the spiritual midwives must execute their marching orders with exact precision.

What is a spiritual midwife and why are they so critical to this mighty move of God? You'll get the answers to those questions soon enough. Currently, we are setting the stage to launch Operation Spiritual Midwife 2004. Coming soon!!!

Mastering Manhood™

Are you a Pastor? Leader of a men's ministry, men's prison ministry or men's fellowship? Is your church or outreach successful in:

(a)   Birthing men, (both young and older) into the kingdom of God?
(b)   Discipling and mentoring men?
(c)   Transitioning young men from boyhood into manhood?
(d)   Properly addressing men's issues?
(e)   Raising up men of valor and integrity who are full of faith and power?

At Mastering Manhood we've got the tools and training you need to become razor sharp in the realm of the spirit. With our training you will impact men's lives (both young and older) with the Word of God and with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We take the guesswork out of raising up faithful mighty Men of God! What is our foundation? We are founded upon the 7 biblical principles of Mastering Manhood. Biblical principles that every man must be rooted and grounded in order to fulfill his God-ordained destiny. Now I need you to closely examine our insignia, you will notice two key points:

Mastering Manhood Logo(1). This man of God is cloaked in the full armor of God and is battle ready. He knows how to engage in spiritual warfare and like all true men of God, he runs to the battle! He attacks the enemy! He is an invading force!

(2) He is a knight in shinning armor. The men at Mastering Manhood are putting chivalry back into manhood!

Raising up men who are Mastering Manhood takes three critical elements - (a) certain skill sets (b) proper training, and (3) an anointing from up on high. We have all three essential elements, no supplements are necessary, and we are excited about imparting them into your life and ministry! Coming soon to your church or community!!!

Love, Sex and Relationships
101 Conferences

The answer to the high divorce rate, tense marriages, domestic violence and failed relationships lies in properly training both men and women the true dynamics of love, sex, relationships and marriage. Our anointed conferences leave attendees with a potent impartation from heaven that revolutionizes their lives. Coming soon to your church or community!!!

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