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The Sex Drive and The Sexual Danger Zone (Part 2)

This article contains graphic language related to love, sex, relationships and marriage.

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Once your sex drive kicks in, your life can take a number of turns… one of them is traveling into the notorious sexual danger zone.

If you don’t know what the sexual danger zone is, follow this teaching carefully because your life is dependent on it!

by Gillis Triplett

Sex is Like A Car!
In America, getting a driver’s license has become a mere formality. All someone has to do is pass an easy written test, complete a vision screening and take a driving test that does not come close to measuring his or her true driving skills. They are then issued a driver’s license. Most new licensees usually don’t understand the risks that go with everyday driving. They are just excited about getting their license. They know a few things about parallel parking, how to stop and go, but they have not learned how to handle the challenges of driving at night, in the rain, on ice or snow, how to detect adverse road conditions, or how to avoid driving in danger zones. They also know very little about the two groups of drivers.

In the first group there are responsible drivers, courteous drivers, safe drivers and alert drivers. People from this group make the roads safe and pleasant to drive on. In the second group, there are unlicensed drivers, reckless drivers, drivers who flee from the police, speeders, road ragers, drivers who use no-signals when turning, drivers who have had their licenses suspended or revoked, under aged drivers and those who drink and drive or do drugs and drive. There are also individuals who repeatedly get arrested for driving while intoxicated. Without question, all of the men and women from the second group make the roads an unsafe.

Driving Into The Infamous Danger Zone
When a driver has received inadequate training, (has not taken an indepth defensive driving course) or has not been trained at all, (all they did was pass the driving test, got their license and started driving), they have a tendency not to recognize various danger zones. I recall one incident in which a lady was doing everything the law required her to do. She was wearing a seat belt and driving the speed limit but she did not comprehend the nature of the predicament she was in. There was a tractor-trailer aggressively riding her bumper and the driver made it clear he was going to make her get out of his way, one way or the other. He flashed his lights, blared his horn but the woman was adamant about staying in her lane.

The rage fueled trucker ended up plowing into the compact car, killing the lady instantly. Firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to cut her mangled body out of the metal carnage. Obviously, the man driving that truck didn’t need to be on the road, but that woman could have avoided such a tragic death had she understood that she should have pulled over and let him pass. Sex is like a car in the sense that you must learn how to drive it. Just like a car, you must know how to steer sex, know when to let sex idle, when to accelerate sex, when to slow sex down, when to put the brakes on sex and when to altogether avoid sex. The Scriptures gives us critical insight concerning driving our sex drive:

Proverbs 25:28
He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

Read my translation of that same verse:

Proverbs 25:28 Gillis Triplett’s Sex Education 101 Translation
The person who has little or no control over his or her own sex drive is like a mansion with no doors or windows. Because of their easy access, they will attract drifters, thieves, deadbeats, stowaways, vagrants, transients, predators, squatters, gold-diggers, abusers, murderers and such.

The Ominous Sexual Danger Zone
Individuals who have no control over their sex drive not only become easy prey but they also subject themselves to an assortment of dangers. Brace yourself as we go behind closed doors to see the type of sex traps that lurk in the ominous sexual danger zone:

The Forced Miscarriage Trap – there are some men who love sex but they hate children. They love sex but if a female they are having sex with gets pregnant, they will refuse the responsibilities that come with raising their child. They have other reasons for not wanting a child but the primary reason is that they see the child as interfering with their sex life, freedom, and cash flow. And hell will freeze over before they allow a baby to enter into this world bearing their DNA. These males will use poisons, beatings, abortion drugs, anything to force a woman to miscarry. Here are some examples:

  • Michael Travis Bullock got his girlfriend pregnant but did not want the baby. Prosecutors say he laced the baby’s mother Kool-Aid with poison in an attempt to cause her to miscarry. He got 5 years in prison, St. Charles County, Missouri 2002.
  • Dr. Maynard Muntzing told a detective he was trying to get rid of the problem when he starting spiking his pregnant girlfriend’s beverages with Cytotec. Cytotec is a stomach treatment drug that can cause harm to an unborn baby if taken by a pregnant woman. His girlfriend lost her child in her 28th week of pregnancy and Muntzing was sentenced to 5 years in prison, Dayton, Ohio 2000.
  • Jeremy Powell pleaded guilty to felony abortion and second-degree assault for the attack against his pregnant girlfriend. The woman told officers he beat her because she had refused to have an abortion. She said his words were, "I'm going to beat that baby out of you," as he assaulted her. The woman miscarried. Buffalo, New York, January 2002.
  • Eric Bullock hired three men to attack his pregnant girlfriend after she refused to have an abortion. Shawana Pace told police that she pleaded for her baby's life as she was beaten, and that one of the men told her, "Your baby is dying tonight." Eric was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, Little Rock, Arkansas, February 2001.
  • Edwin Sandoval was sentenced to 12 years in prison for forcing two pills of misopristol into his girlfriend's birth canal during a forced sexual encounter after she refused to have an abortion, Manchester, Connecticut 2001.

The Pregnant and Alone Trap - single women who end up pregnant will most likely bear the burden of raising their child or children alone. It is a fact that the majority of the males who get these women pregnant eventually abandon both mother and child, causing most of these females to join the (BSMC) Bitter Single Mothers Club. These women falsely believed their relationships would blossom into something long lasting, possibly marriage. Their boyfriends, however, viewed them only as casual sex partners, long-term hook-ups, or booty calls. To be blunt, these men do not see these frolicking females as being worthy of marriage because they freely give up sex outside of marriage.

The Abortion Trap – abortion practitioners describe abortions as being a brief and gentle procedure. The reality is, the CDC, WHO, & other health groups estimate in excess of 60,000 or 70,000 women per year, die from complications of botched abortions. There’s nothing gentle about that. Women are led to believe that having an abortion is the quick and easy solution to their unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. The truth is, the safe abortion is a myth. Abortion practitioners make these false assertions because they are jockeying to protect their massive income stream. Their plot is simple - encourage women to engage in irresponsible sexual behavior and when she gets pregnant, direct her to the abortion gurney, and voila, the abortionists have residual income!

I once encountered a 23-year-old college student who had had nine abortions. She allowed her sex drive to run rampant to the point where she had no compunction about getting pregnant and having an abortion. When women like her eventually get married, their past abortions usually come back to haunt them. Most females who have abortions do not understand the residual emotional and psychological effects of having an abortion until it is too late. I have had women tell me, how years later, they can hear their baby screaming, they can no longer have sex, they cannot bond to children and how they developed suicidal tendencies in addition to other traumas. There is a name for what they go through, it is called Post Abortion Syndrome.

The Homicide Trap - murder is the number one cause of death among pregnant women. These women die, not at the hands of strangers but at the hands of their boyfriends, causal sex partners, fiancés and their husbands. Single pregnant women should be especially concerned because anytime a man dishonors a woman by having sex with her outside of a covenant marriage, a child is the last thing he wants. She may be excited about the pregnancy but she is thoroughly fooling herself if she thinks he is going to be thrilled with the announcement that he is her baby’s daddy. If these men cannot talk or coerce the female into getting an abortion or if they fail to force her to miscarry, they will opt to kill her! Read these accounts:

  • Shannon Meshack, 25, was known as a ladies man who apparently did not want children. Police say he killed Teshibra Lysha Bell, his 15-year-old pregnant girlfriend and tried to dispose of her body by setting it on fire in his back yard after she refused to get an abortion, Dallas, Texas 2003.
  • 16-year-old Matthew Elliott said he put together his plot to murder Brittni Pater, his 15-year-old girlfriend, soon after she called him and told him she was pregnant with his child. In court testimony, Matthew told how Brittni pleaded with him to stop as he beat her upside her head with an aluminum weapon. After the heartless attack, he ran over her body to make sure she was dead. Matthew was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, Magnolia, Arkansas 2000.
  • Prosecutors say Terrance Davis did not want his pregnant girlfriend, Sonya Hayes, to give birth for a number of reasons. He was already paying child support to another female and did not want to give up any more money. Plus, he had a new girlfriend who told him if the baby turned out to be his, she would leave him. With those two elements as his motivation, Prosecutors say he donned a mask and ambushed Sonya, firing six shots into her belly, killing her and their child. Terrance was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole, Toledo, Ohio, February 2000.
  • 20-year-old April Renee Greer was eight and a half months pregnant when she became missing in February of 2003. Her disappearance was a mystery to all, except Jerry Lynn Stuart Jr., her 27-year-old boyfriend. Jerry offered a detailed account to police of how he disposed of April Renee Greer's body on Valentine's Day. He is currently awaiting trial for her murder, Burlington, North Carolina, 2003.
  • On January 1st 2002, Connecticut residents woke up to one of the most heinous incidents of that year. 24-year-old Jenny McMechen was 9 months pregnant, expecting a son, when police say her boyfriend, Michael Latour murdered her and her unborn child on New Year’s Eve. Michael was sentenced to seventy years in prison in March of 2004, Plainfield, Connecticut.
  • David Elersic bound his girlfriend with duct tape, tied her to a chair and disconnected the gas pipe of the stove, after she told him that she was pregnant with his child and intended to keep the baby. Then he caused the house to explode but she survived the fire with burns to 70 percent of her body and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Elersic was given a 15-year prison sentence for attempted murder, Buffalo, New York, 2003.

The Condom Trap - the hype about condoms protecting against pregnancy and against sexually transmitted diseases, is just that, all hype. Surely you understand the sales pitch from the condom manufacturers is biased. Any true health expert will tell you that using a condom for protection against sexually transmitted diseases is like using an umbrella to keep you from getting rained on. An umbrella cannot protect every part of your body. Depending on hard it is raining, it may not give you any protection. Condoms are the same way. They can only protect certain parts of your body. Like the umbrella, condoms cannot protect areas of skin not covered by the condom. Which means condoms offer no protection from STD’s, like herpes and HPV. Using a condom to prevent pregnancy or to protect against getting an STD is like rolling dice; you win some and you lose some. There are eight extremely critical points you need to know about condoms:

(1) It is an irrefutable fact that condoms do not offer protection against all STD’s. Anybody who tells you any differently is a bold-faced LIAR! Which means, even if you use a condom as instructed by the sex experts, you can still contract sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV, Herpes, MCV, etc…
(2) Condoms break and when they do, what if neither sex partner notices? Or, what if they notice and the man pulls out of her? If either one of them has an STD, does that brief moment of exposure mean that they have infected the other person? What if there is semen in the condom when it breaks inside of the female?
(3) Some brands of condoms simply do not prevent viral transmission during sexual intercourse.
(4) Did you know that condoms are affected by the elements, (i.e., cold, heat, moisture)? Extreme temperatures can make condoms brittle or gummy and lower or altogether eliminate their effectiveness.
(5) Condoms slip off and most people will not stop in midstream for a replacement.
(6) Condoms are made by a combination of humans and machines. With that in mind, they are not perfect. Some condoms come from the manufacturer defective.
(7) Most people don’t know this, but condoms have expiration dates. What if the people having sex are using an expired condom?
(8) And finally, a condom cannot protect your emotions. Females especially must understand, you cannot regain your virginity and if you give it to some callous playboy jerk who intended on dumping you as soon as he got into your panties, emotionally you may regret your decision the rest of your life.

Certain organizations and groups with ulterior motives and hidden agendas will swear to the reliability and effectiveness of condoms. They will stand by their false statements even in light of irrefutable facts such as these: (a) According to Department of Human Resources spokeswoman, Fran Buchanan, one abortion mill in Georgia, the Atlanta Midtown Hospital performed 7,465 abortions in 1996. (b) Allison Hyle, a spokeswoman for the abortion mill, “The Hope Clinic for Women” in Granite City, Illinois, says they perform 7000 abortions per year. How many of those 7,465 and 7000 aborted pregnancies do you think the condom failed, slipped, or expired?

If condoms were so effective, why are so many females having abortions and why are STD’s rampant in our society? (c) According to a study performed by the Family Planning Perspective, Volume 28, No. 4, July/August 1996 - The proportion of abortion patients whose pregnancy is attributable to condom failure has increased from 15% to 32%. Read more about the high condom failure rate.

The Sexually Transmitted Disease Trap – most sexually active people take STD’s with a grain of salt. We know this because of the alarming Sexually Transmitted Disease statistics. To say that we are facing an STD epidemic is a monumental understatement. A person engaging in sex must understand and respect these three critical facts about STD’s:

1. Some people adamantly refuse to inform potential sex partners they tested positive for HIV/AIDS, Herpes, or some other STD. They know they are infected but their lips are sealed. Read about this dangerous group.
2. There is a mass number of individuals in our society who act like drunk drivers except their vice is not drinking and driving, their vice is sexual irresponsibility. With all of the information about HIV/AIDS, other STD’s and unwanted pregnancies, these people insist on engaging in one night stands, sex with multiple partners, bisexuality, orgies, sex with strangers and afterwards, set their sights on being in a relationship with you.
3. There is a long list of STD’s besides HIV/AIDS. To engage in sex without understanding how each STD is transmitted and the risks involved with becoming infected, means you are willingly playing a dangerous game of dare with your physical body.

Once you get caught in the STD trap, you will most likely have to live with the grim consequences for the rest of your life. STD’s can cause miscarriages, infertility, or cervical cancer. They can affect your marriage, future relationships, your emotions and bring upon you unbearable shame. Not to mention, premature death.

The Paternity Fraud Trap – it is a fact that one third of the men who take DNA Paternity tests turn out not to be the biological father of the child. These women secretly have two or more sex partners and when they find out they are pregnant, they set their radars on booby trapping the man who is the most likely candidate to make steady child support payments. To snare these men, these females will lie, commit perjury and complete, sign and file false paternity affidavits. In most cases, once a man is snared into the paternity fraud trap, the state laws forces him to pay the baby’s mother 28% to 52% or more of his net income for the next 18 to 20 years, even after a DNA test that proves he is not the biological father of her child. It happens everyday and it is called paternity fraud.

The Domestic Violence Trap – unfortunately, domestic violence has become commonplace in our society. The statistics reveal that 1 in 4 dating relationships involve violence. To engage in sex without understanding the dynamics of domestic violence is another blatant disregard for your safety and well-being. There are too many men and women who have been indoctrinated and conditioned to resort to abuse and violence. Once a person gets trapped in a relationship with an abuser, breaking up will prove to be painful task. In many cases, they will not get a chance to leave. The death rate for domestic violence speaks for itself.

The Multiple Partner Trap – they are called everything from cheaters, players, pimps, to promiscuous and two-timers. Whatever you call them, these men and women secretly, sometimes openly, have two or more people they are having sex with. It is like a game to them. If you fall for one of these individuals, you have subjected yourself to the entire gamut of sex traps in the sexual danger zone.

The Child Support Enforcement Agency Trap – if you are a man engaging in sex, with your live-in lover, booty call, casual sex partner, or long-term hook-up, you may not realize that you are rolling the sex dice and the odds are not in your favor. Most of the men I have counseled or encountered who are caught in the child support system never dreamed the woman they were dating or having sex with, would thrust them into the barbaric clutches of the Child Support Enforcement Agency Mafioso. Why do I call this agency a mafia? Because once a man allows himself to get caught in this sex trap, they will threaten him with complete financial ruin if he does not pay up. They don’t care if he gets laid off, downsized, experiences illness, or suffers a major pay reduction. Once they issue an order for a man to pay a certain amount of money that is what he must pay, regardless of his circumstances.

If he does not pay as demanded, they will get it from him one-way or the other. They will garnish his check. Take his tax refunds or seize his other assets. If he is married, they will take his wife’s income or assets. They will suspend his driver’s license and any other professional licenses he may hold such as an electrician’s, pilot’s, medical or plumber’s license, halting his ability to generate income. They will not only ruin his ability to earn income, they will destroy his credit and force him to file bankruptcy. They will use other Mafia type scare tactics to make him shut up and pay-up! Tactics such as ‘miss a payment, GO TO JAIL!’

They will incarcerate him and make him pay the back payments he missed while he was in jail. It is called a modern day debtor’s prison. While in jail, many men lose their dignity, jobs, cars, apartments or houses and everything else they owned. Some men get arrested and are forced to wear monitor devices, the same type that sex offenders are forced to wear. Don’t believe it? Read the horrific account of Gordon Stuart. Before this government backed Mafia is through with a man, he will have a negative net worth and maybe a shred of dignity.

What if DNA testing proves that he is not her baby’s daddy? You already learned in the Paternity Fraud Trap that it does not matter! He will still face the same threats of personal and financial ruin as if he was the true biological father. You must understand, if a man is booby trapped into the child support enforcement system, the words justice, equality, fairness, and the phrases even-handedness, fair-mindedness and equitable solution for all involved parties, do not exist. Once in the system, that man has partnered with modern day, government backed pimps and loan sharks. Read a copy of an actual Child Support Enforcement Agency, shakedown letter, the men receive once they get snared into this sex trap.

To compound the matter, everyone involved in the system, the Child Support Enforcement agent, the judge, the clerk, Social Services and the media, literally demonize each man, tagging him as being a dead-beat dad. Take the case of Bobby Sherrill. Sherrill was working in Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion of 1990 and was taken hostage. Upon his release and return to America, he was immediately arrested for back child support payments. Wait a minute… the man was being held captive in a foreign country against his will and when he is freed, he returns to America, the next day he is handcuffed and arrested as if he were a violent fugitive? You read it right! Remember, once you have sex with one of these greed driven females, and she places your name into the Child Support Enforcement Agency database, you have allowed her to thrust you into a rigorous slave laborers dungeon for at least eighteen years.

I know men who are so fearful of going to jail that they work from sun up until sundown just to keep the child support goons off their backs. In the mean time, the baby’s mothers are spending their hard earned cash on trips to Cozumel, gifts for their new boyfriends, diamonds and Cadillac Escalades. What about the child? These females don’t care about the child. For them, it is all about the money! The child was just a means to an end. These women seek out men who cannot properly drive their sex drive. Once they snag a man, they don’t care what happens to him, jail or bankruptcy, as long as they collect their outrageous child support checks.

Can you imagine receiving an order to pay $1500 per month for childcare, plus $1300 a month for food, plus $800 per month for toys, plus $400 a month for books, all for a 2-year-old child? What 2-year-old do you know who eats over a thousand dollars a month in food and requires four hundred dollars a month for reading material? Those are the type of outlandish demands made by these brazen females. It is called government-subsidized prostitution and it has become a sizzling hot, tax-free, money-making scheme for many ornery women.

With the judge presiding as their pimps and the Child Enforcement Agency acting as their goon collectors, these cunning manipulative females make a fortune. One woman boasted about the fact that she has five children by four different men and makes ninety thousand dollars year, tax-free through multiple court enforced child support orders. How bad has The Child Support Enforcement Agency Trap gotten? Carefully read these accounts.

Lisa Bonder Kerkorian filed a petition to collect $320,000 per month from the man she claimed was her baby’s daddy. Part of her demand was a whopping fourteen thousand dollars a month for parties and play dates for her kid. Come on now, fourteen thousand dollars a month for parties for a child? To make matters worse, the man she is attempting to extort this money from is not the biological father of her child. Don’t believe it? Read about it, Ex-wife faked DNA paternity test.

It gets much worse! Taron James, a Gulf War veteran in Torrance, California, was stationed in the Gulf of Mexico on a drug interdiction assignment while a woman laid a cruel trap and fraudulently named him as the father of her child. Taron obtained a DNA paternity test and proved he was not the child’s biological father. Nevertheless, once that female swore Taron was her baby’s daddy, the District Attorney and the Child Support Enforcement Agency pursued him as if he was a wanted felon.

To this date, they have succeeded at ruining his credit, seizing his driver's license and taking fifty-percent of his take home pay. They forced him to drop out of college before he finished his degree. They seized his tax refund for six years in a row and blocked him from renewing his notary public license, which in turn caused him to lose his managerial job. He has suffered that injustice in spite of the fact that everyone knows he is not the father of that woman’s child. I just gave you a brief breakdown of the notorious sexual danger zone, now let’s go to (Part 3) to find out how to avoid getting snared in any of these hideous sex traps.

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