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Have Modern Day Women Lost Their Minds?

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Good men everywhere are asking some serious questions about modern day women. It seems as though new millennium females have embraced mindsets that are detrimental to good men. What gives and what is a good man to do? Brethren, brace yourselves as we examine the alarming beliefs of many modern day women and what you need to do to sift through the mass number of females who will RIP YOUR HEART OUT!

by Gillis Triplett

Brother, You Are Not Going Crazy!
I started noticing an ominous phenomenon years back. In between seminars, book signings and church services, men considered eligible bachelors repeatedly asked me if they were going crazy. Their concerns center around the mass number of females who seem to be lost in space. Men are now asking the question, “Where have all the good women gone?”

Many of today’s women have had sex with Tom, Dick, Harry, Skeet and Pimp Daddy. They are depressed, confused, angry at their ex’s, in need of crises counseling and have multiple children by multiple men. They are on Prozac, have had one or more abortions, crave therapy and are stressed out. They have chosen men who are jerks and have been dumped, played, pimped, tricked and dismissed. Now they are mad at God, bitter towards all men and are going off!

These women not only have bizarre beliefs about men, love, sex and matrimony, they also harbor alarming issues that make them unsuitable mates for any good man. Forget baggage, these females bring the entire store into a relationship or marriage. And it doesn’t matter if they attend church or not. Same story… lost in space! The question begs, “Have modern day women lost their minds?” Keep reading brethren…

Men on Marriage Strike
For many men who desire to find a wife, marriage has become painfully unattractive. In one hand they weigh the benefits and blessings of marriage and in the other hand, they are forced to weigh the curse and pain of having their wives unduly file for divorce.

They are concerned about marrying a woman and then being unjustly abandoned by their bride and being slapped with outrageous alimony and child support payments. These men are literally scared to death of getting married. They see what happened to their dads, brothers, uncles and friends and they want no part of the feminist fueled male bashing divorce court. That’s why a lot of men have gone on marriage strike!

Once a woman thrusts a man into this den of vicious thieves, her to-do list and the agenda of the blood sucking divorce court becomes crystal clear! Tear him down. Strip him of his manhood. Leave him penniless, suicidal and sink him into despair! Many honorable men have been unfairly evicted out of their homes, ruined financially and their children permanently ripped out of their lives. All because they chose one of these modern day females who had lost her mind!

One brother, (I’ll call Mark) vented his hurt and frustration after choosing one of these females to be his wife. As they do, she just upped and decided she wanted a divorce. They lived in a beautiful home, had two fabulous children and she didn’t have to work if she didn’t want to. She gave no reason. Not even irreconcilable differences. Mark pleaded with his wife not to tear their marriage and home apart.

He told her he would do anything, go to counseling, therapy, whatever it took. She refused to budge. She stated in one of the divorce court proceedings, “He is a great husband and doting father, but this isn’t about him or the kids, this is about ME and what I WANT and WHAT I NEED.” Her attorney recited the NO-FAULT divorce statutes and little miss thang was happily on her way to winning the nuptial lottery!

In the final divorce decree, she got the house AND alimony AND child support payments. After being a good husband, a provider and a doting father, all Mark got was miniscule visitation rights and a judicial scolding for being a decent man. Both he and his kids were utterly devastated as his greedy selfish ex-wife gloried in her One Flesh to torn flesh windfall.

What Has Happened To Many Modern Day Women?
They have taken on mentalities that have made them detrimental to the institution of marriage, destructive to the family and subversive to all good men. I’ll get to the good news in a moment! Right now, you need to understand how many modern day women think. There are seven mindsets that you need to be concerned about. Learn them well.

((((( Mindset #1 )))))
The “I Don’t Need a Man” Mentality
These two-faced divas are absolutely cunning! While they are around other felines, they adamantly swear they don’t need a man. In the presence of their male bashing girlfriends they curse men to the bones! But when they get around a male, they flip the script and do their own rendition of Janis Joplin’s or Foxy Brown’s, “I Need a Man.” Once they catch a man’s attention, the poor brother rarely sees it coming.

When they said they didn’t need a man, brother, they meant it! Like black widow spiders, after these females go through the lovey dovey mating process, they attack their men with every thing they have! If you read my last statement and laughed, you didn’t get it! This is no laughing matter! These fe-lions have destroyed many a good man. You know the question and the answer is, “Yes!” These females have lost their minds! If they don’t need a man, why date or get married?

(((((Mindset #2 )))))
The “All Men Are Dogs” Mentality
Some women believe all men are dogs, but that doesn’t prevent them from entering into relationships or marriages. The problem with this group is this. They treat all men as if they are dogs, even honorable men. A man’s kindness, love and gentleness is not going to change their dismal opinion of the entire male gender. They may not participate in the feminist movement or be a member of NOW, but the reality is, they hate men with the same vim and vigor.

All a man has to do for these females to go on the warpath and engage in all out male bashing maneuvers, is get ensnared in a relationship or marriage with one of them. Because they believe all men are dogs, women from this battalion set out to demoralize the entire male gender. Be clear on this point; these females will RIP YOUR HEART OUT!

The tactics these women employ make the females at the National Organization of Women look like rookie male bashers. Their primary weapons of choice include: The pregnancy trap, paternity fraud, the marriage trap, false abuse/rape charges, the family and divorce court, marital fraud and adultery. You know the question and the answer is, “Yes!” These females have lost their minds! All men are not dogs!

((((( Mindset #3 )))))
The Matriarch Mentality
These females assert that they are head of the household and family. Their mantra is: WOMEN RULE! They have declared themselves to be the leader and ruler of both children and men. Believe me when I tell you, no man is going to convince them of any otherwise. They don’t dare listen to men! However, using feminine wiles, seduction and masterful manipulation techniques, this squadron of pistol tongued childbearing femme fatales have become experts at seducing men.

Those unfortunate enough to fall into the clutches of their razor sharp fingernails, will see their male ego pulverized, their spirits vexed and their manhood emasculated. You would think a man would catch on and see this train wreck coming, BUT NO! When they are on the prowl, these females are as sweet as honey. They become the epitome of congeniality, BUT ALAS! The trap is set. The prey has been tempted and snared. The mighty has fallen again! You know the question and the answer is, “Yes!” These females have lost their minds!

((((( Mindset #4 )))))
The “Marriage is For Men” Mentality
These females want to get married BAD! When a man meets them, they usually give the spill about being a homebody, wanting to raise children and having a family. These dames convince men that they’ve hit the mother lode. Little do the men know; this weary platoon of females despises washing a man’s clothes, dishes, car or back.

They take offense to cooking for a man, cleaning, raising children, changing diapers and potty training. In their minds, housework becomes synonymous with domestic violence. And giving up their careers has made them eternally ungrateful to men and matrimony.

Brethren, this is some crazy stuff! They desperately want to get married, but they hate what they believe marriage represents! Talk about being double-minded, (See James 1:6-8). Mr. “T” became famous by coining the phrase, “I pity the fool!” Welcome back Mr. “T” because I pity fool who pursues a woman with this mentality. You know the question and the answer is, “Yes!” These females have lost their minds! If they think marriage is such a bad deal for women, why get married?

((((( Mindset #5 )))))
The “I Want Some Thug Luvin” Mentality
In their song Gangsta love, Alicia Keys and Eve claim they ain’t giving up until they get some gangsta love. Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly of the hit group, Destiny’s Child, released a song in November of 2004, entitled: Soldier. In their song, they declare they want a soldier, “a rude boy with some street credibility.” Better known as a thug, baller, shot caller or pimp. They say, “If he ain’t hood, they’re not interested.”

Females from all walks of life: black, white, brown, yellow and red. The highly educated all the way to the least educated are helping to bolster this twisted mindset amongst the female gender. These females will ensnare a good man and then penalize him for not being down with the thugs. You know the question and the answer is, “Yes!” These females have lost their minds!

((((( Mindset #6 )))))
The “Long List” Mentality

Certain women have been indoctrinated to make a list of everything they want in a man. The problem with their list is: NO MAN will ever measure up to their Fantasy Island based expectations. They want a man to be muscular, tall, dark and handsome and have a ripping six-pack. But they don’t want him to be conceited about his looks or spend too much time in the gym. They want him to be an honorable family man and believe in God, but they don’t want him to be goody-goody.

They want him to be educated, intelligent and mature but thuggish. They want a man who speaks his mind as long as he always agrees with their point of view. They want a man to have the passion of Denzel Washington, a voice like Barry White, speak a foreign language, have an engaging career, be a chef, have dimples, pearly white teeth and be funny like Jim Carey. Their lists goes on and on…

He must have a sexy laugh, kissable lips, curly hair, tight buttocks and political connections. He must love to shop, write poems, and make them feel sexy all the time. He must know how to talk to rappers, pimps and presidents. On their lists these females want a fulltime career that allows them to travel the globe steering corporate boardrooms while juggling kids, a husband, sex, politics, church, PTA, boob jobs, tummy tucks, PMS and playboys. And that was their short list!

The long list would probably make you fall out of your chair laughing! But these females aren’t giggling! They are going to find them a man who meets their criteria. In the mean time, they will walk down the aisle with you, even though, based on their loooong list… you are not a real man! The men who marry these females are in a no win situation doomed for the divorce court! You know the question and the answer is, “Yes!” These females have lost their minds!

((((( Mindset #7 )))))
The “Let’s Play Church” Mentality
For many women, playing church has become the backdoor method to entrapping a man. Let me make this crystal clear. These women DO NOT love God and they DO NOT serve Christ. When they are sitting in the pews, standing in the choir or kneeling at the altar, write this down; they ARE playing church! (See Mark 7:8).

They heard great things about men in the pews and they masterfully don religious facades in order to harpoon a good man of GOD, (See Proverbs 6:26). Their scheme is to seduce a church man and:

  • Get pregnant and force, coerce, or cajole him into marriage
  • Make him feel guilty about his lapse in moral judgment. Then assert, the only way to properly atone himself of his sin is to marry them!

These are some of the most miserable married men on the planet! They realize they were booby trapped by a cunning female and they despise their coerced covenant partner. I’ve talked to countless men who fell for this trap and they all say the same thing, “It pains me to look at her!”

What’s a Good Man To Do?
First and foremost, don’t follow in the footsteps of other men who fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to love, sex, relationships and marriage. They have proven their methods don’t work! As you have learned, you must navigate through some rough choppy waters when it comes to choosing a mate from today’s modern day females. One bad choice can ruin your life for many years.

I realize this is unsettling news for some men, but the reality is: YOU BETTER WAKE UP MY BROTHER! Between gold-diggers, paternity fraud predators, females shopping for disposable dads, angry bitter females, nut cakes and the females who have become combatants in the highly volatile gender war, you’ve got to be on high alert.

Secondly, get properly trained! Notice I said, “PROPERLY TRAINED!” I’m not talking about street, home boy, hood or road dog training. I’m talking about training that prepares you to know the difference between a virtuous life-giving woman, a matrimonial dud and a vicious vixen.

The best way to begin the training process is by reading the entire book of Proverbs until it’s drilled into your brain! Starting with chapter one you’ll learn how the aforementioned females ensnare good men.

You’ll also find a wealth of articles and training material on the GTM website. In addition, we have powerful conferences and workshops. If you haven’t yet, subscribe to the M.O.V.E. Ezine. We’ll keep you abreast of when we’re coming to your town to deliver life-transforming words to help you MAN UP! We’re here to see to it that you find and experience true love! Under our oversight, you won’t make bad decisions!

Thirdly, know this; in light of the mass number of females who have lost their minds and will dash your dreams, thank God there are still diamonds in the ruff! Yes, there are trustworthy women who love Christ. Women who will make a man a wise choice in a wife, friend, lover, playmate and confidante. May you find the love of your life, the two of you become One Flesh and experience a vibrant and blessed union!

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