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40 More Things a Man Must Know About Life, Love and Women

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You’ve digested the first 40 things a man must know about life, love and women. This next set of golden nuggets will temper you with more timeless and priceless wisdom.

by Gillis Triplett
  1. When wise men speak: remain silent, listen intently, record what you hear and follow their instructions. You will flourish in life!

  2. Watch what you say, there are some words you will never be able to retract, but sorely wish that you could

  3. If you have no true friends, don’t deceive yourself; look in the mirror, you are not a friendly man

  4. Never allow a woman to provoke you to wrath, malice, vengeance or physical violence; no woman is worth it

  5. The only way for a man to learn how to master manhood is to be trained and mentored by godly honorable men

  6. When you meet a female who loves to argue, quarrel or debate, do not date or marry her. She will eventually flaunt her skills in a contentious divorce court brawl; with you as her defendant

  7. Learn how seize the moment, you may not get a second chance

  8. No matter how much you think it’s hidden, be sure your sin will find you out. In all probability, when you least expect it

  9. If she’s been in the bed with Tom, Dick, Skeet and Pimp Daddy, pray for her, wish her the best in life and then PERMANENTLY bid her farewell! She’s not The One! All smart men live by this rule

  10. Concerning dating: always pass on a dinner and a movie. (a) You can’t get to know a woman sitting in a dark room filled with a bunch strangers while stargazing at the beauty of Meagan Good or Halle Berry. (b) women who LOVE EATING OUT, hate preparing meals at home. Smart men find alternative dates. Places that help them determine if a woman is worth pursuing

  11. Thinking with your penis can get you booby trapped for 18 to 21 years in the harsh and relentless PAY OR GO TO JAIL child support enforcement system. Smart men think with their brain!

  12. We men like to fix things, but never choose a female to become one of your fix-it projects. When a woman needs to be salvaged, point her to Christ and check her status in 4.593 years

  13. If she rebuffs taking on your name, let her go man, just let her go. You’ll find another woman and she’ll do her thing! Believe it!

  14. The only way to fail in life is to give-up, NEVER quit! Remember the 2004 Boston Red Soxs? Keep fighting until you win!

  15. If a woman doesn’t mind giving it up outside of marriage, a wedding ring is not likely to change her modus operandi

  16. Learn to eat right, exercise, laugh and enjoy life

  17. Spoiled women don’t need a man. They need a garbage truck, refuse dumpster or trashcan

  18. Beauty is only skin deep, never choose a woman based solely on looks; you may end up with a gorgeous Tasmanian devil

  19. There will come times when the only option is to agree to disagree and gracefully bow out of the debate. Learn when that time comes and follow these instructions explicitly

  20. If she’s given you a reason not to trust her, heed that critical warning; you may not get another

  21. It is true, “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned!”

  22. All smart men know this powerful mathematical formula: Preparation + hard work + dogged determination = LUCK!

  23. One night stands, sex hook-ups, orgies and cohabitation are for men who don’t mind rolling the dice with their health, freedom, sanity, dreams and hard earned money

  24. If a female ever threatens you with false accusations, physical violence or death. Watch your back! Don’t shut your eyes around her. You can NO LONGER trust her! Your only safe option is to leave her FOR GOOD. She meant what she said. Now believe it!

  25. Never take advice from foolish men, NEVER!

  26. Remember: your word is your bond. Always be a man of your word. Don’t make promises or commitments you are not willing or able to keep

  27. Do not engage your energy, time, wits or strength in the long running gender war. No one wins; male or female. In the end, all combatants become bitter emotionally spent fatalities

  28. Education is tantamount to your success, never stop learning

  29. Some women will never respect men. When you meet the type, quickly bid them adieu

  30. Know your God-given purpose and live it to the fullest

  31. Smart men don’t go looking for love until they are ready: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially

  32. Once a female sets out to shred your male ego, humiliate, belittle or attack your manhood, she has crossed the line. However, do not retaliate! Be a man. Hold your chin up. Forgive her. Walk away and don’t look back. God forbid if this woman is your: wife, baby’s mamma, aunt, niece, sister, mother or boss

  33. Your God-given gifts, talents and abilities will make room for you and set you before great men. Learn them and GET BUSY!

  34. If a female rejects you, it’s not the end of the world. News flash: it’ll probably happen again! Some females get a thrill out of bashing men. So for the love of God, GET OVER IT! There’s a virtuous woman waiting for you somewhere, now go and find her

  35. An honorable man never hits a woman, never threatens a woman and never abuses a woman, never, ever, NEVER!

  36. They lied! Chivalry never died, always be a gentleman

  37. True friends will never turn their back on you; don’t turn your back on them

  38. A woman with issues doesn’t need a man; she needs a mirror

  39. Honesty is not the best policy, it is the law of honorable men

  40. When the time or situation demands it, be a man and MAN UP!

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