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Spiritual Warfare 101 - Understanding The Tactics of Our Enemy (Part 1)

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We are in an epic spiritual war. In this war it is critically important that we know satan's tactics. To be ignorant of his schemes and plans of attack is to give him the advantage in your life, health, home, finances, marriage, ministry, government or business.

I'm going to take you into satan's war room. You'll read directly from his strategic and tactical war planning manual. You'll learn all of his strategies and tactics and when you're done reading, you'll know his plans of attack from A to Z! He'll never gain the advantage over you again!

by Gillis Triplett

A Detailed Look Inside Satan's War Room
In any war, there is a war room. The war room is the pulse and heartbeat of any military. Located in the war room are the tactical and strategical military planners. They determine their military's plan of attack. If you gain access to an opponent's war manual, you will learn their military hierarchy, obtain troop data, armament capabilities and strike plans.

This vital information clearly gives you the military advantage. Satan's war room is revealed in Psalm 2:1-3. Below is his strategical and tactical wartime planning manual. It includes all of his tactics, schemes, plans of attacks, plots and booby traps against the Church.

Satan's War Time Planning Manual

1. Break Their Will To Fight And We Will Own Them!
In the 17th chapter of I Samuel, verses 1-11, Saul and the entire army of the children of Israel had completely lost their will to fight. Goliath harassed them until they became spiritually impotent. They cowered under and were simply waiting to be devoured. The devil's plot is to harass you until you lose your will to fight the good fight of faith.   He will not let up until one of two things happen, he breaks your will to fight or you take the Sword of the Spirit and make the devil obey you! If you find yourself during a battle, lacking spiritual fortitude, (i.e., little or no prayer, no Bible study, not confessing the Word of God and no fellowship with strong Believers), you have allowed forces of darkness to break your will to fight.

2. Wear Down The Saints And We Will Control Them!
This tactic, revealed in Daniel 7:25, is straightforward and very simple. Wear the saints down mentally and exhaust them physically. Get them worried about the economy, war, unemployment, the price of gasoline, the high crime rate or anything to usurp the peace of God in their minds and hearts, (See Isaiah 26:3). Once a Believer is worn down, they become spiritually incapacitated and thus, are useless to the kingdom of God.  

3. Divide And Conquer
In Matthew 12:25, Jesus revealed a critical spiritual law, ".Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." The devil is acutely aware of this spiritual law and uses it as a weapon to destroy marriages, families, ministries, friendships, businesses and any type of partnership. He looks for ways to inspire disagreement and create division. The scheme is simple, pit ministry against ministry, husband against wife, children against parents, and deacons against pastor. anywhere he can sow disunity.  

4. Never Press a Child of God Too Hard!
The devil understands the danger of forcing a Believer into a corner. He knows that too much pressure and they may cry out to God for deliverance. He learned that tactic when he forced the children of Israel against the Red Sea, (Read Exodus 14).   He saw it again when the Moabites, the Ammonites and other armies of the aliens cornered the children of Israel near Mount Seir, (See II Chronicles 20). The devil knows that a desperate foe is a dangerous foe. In some cases his tactic is to bring just enough pressure to interfere with the plan of God for your life but not enough to cause you to cry out to God in prayer, (Read Acts 4:23-31).  

5. Shock and Awe
Most Americans first heard of Shock and Awe during the Afghanistan conflict. But satan has employed this military tactic since the beginning of time. The objective is to intimidate and bewilder Believers, leaving them spiritually comatose by applying massive and overwhelming force as quickly as possible, (See Deuteronomy 20:1-8). There are four primary ways satan employs the Shock and Awe tactic.  

(a)   File lawsuits that incite legislation against the church. Lawsuits aimed at eliminating the tax-exempt status of churches and others designed to institute unlawful zoning laws that prohibit churches or ministries from growing.

(b)   Hinder or prevent the preaching of the Gospel. In 2001, Abby Moler was graduating from high school and was one the students asked to offer their thoughts in their yearbook. She quoted Jeremiah 29:11, but school officials deleted her quote because she mentioned G-O-D! Left up to the devil, Bibles would be prohibited and no one could quote scriptures publicly.

(c)   Attack prominent pastors and other ministry leaders. When they fall, he parades their failure before the entire world. Once the word spreads through the Body of Christ, it leaves some Christians in such awe of the devil, that they become spiritually numb. Some will backslide.

(d)   Simultaneously attack you on all fronts. That includes your job, physical health, emotional health, marriage, family, ministry, business and everywhere else. He'll stir up the IRS against you, while at the same time cause dissention on your job, strife in your family and ministry and pressure in your finances. If you find yourself under attack from multiple points at the same time, you are under the Shock and Awe attack of the devil!  

6. We Will Impose Our Will Upon The Church
In Acts 4:13-21, the religious people commanded Peter and John not to preach Christ! Bare in mind - they could preach as long as they didn't preach Christ crucified! This warfare tactic is as follows: impose the will of the kingdom of darkness upon the Body of Christ, but do not allow the Church to impose its will upon the kingdom of darkness. The devil will use threats, fear, the judicial system and any other means available in an attempt to impose his will upon the Church.  

7. Turn Them Away From God - By Changing The Laws
In the 1960s, Madeline Murray O'Hare fought feverishly to get laws enacted that would ban prayer from public schools. Most Christians remained silent and allowed this demonically inspired female to impose the devil's will upon the church. Since her victory, the public school system has slid into moral chaos.  

Homosexuals and lesbians are presently attempting to use the same judicial system to make same sex marriages legal. On another front, various groups are filing legal motions to prevent the Ten Commandments from being publicly displayed in courtrooms in America.  

Still on another front, homosexuals have vigorously targeted organizations such as the Boy Scouts. They filed lawsuits in an attempt to force the Boy Scouts to allow homosexuals the legal right to train young Scouts. This tactic of satan is revealed in Daniel 7:25. The devil uses the court system to changes laws in order to legislate sin and legalize debauchery.  

The strategy is - change the laws and you change the minds of the people. When the Supreme Court decided on January 22nd, 1973, that abortion was legal, that law changed the mindset of many females. Today, it is not uncommon for a woman to become promiscuous and have 3, 4 and 5 abortions just to cover her immorality.  

The changing of the laws is a powerful weapon in satan's arsenal and the Body of Christ must rid itself of this spirit of passiveness when it comes to fighting satan on this front. Believers must band together, (those with legal training, financial resources and prayer warriors) and raise up and become aggressive in this arena and attack the devil at one of his favorite strongholds.  

8. The Trojan Horse Tactic
In Acts 6:8-15, certain men had successfully infiltrated various local congregations and then proceeded to infect them with the spirit of religion. These spiritual impostors succeeded at turning those congregations against a true man of God. By the time they were finished spreading their lies, they made Stephen appear to be satan's son-in-law. The Trojan horse tactic is designed to convince Believers that true men of God are of the devil.

That's why you must know the Written Word if God and have spiritual discernment for yourself. In today's battlefield many of these Trojan horses call themselves God's watchmen. They claim God has called them to expose false ministries but after you examine the ministries they claim are false, you see the same picture you read in Acts 6:8-15.  

Like Stephen, these false ministries are preaching Christ and Him crucified with signs and wonders following but these satanically inspired robots are hell-bent on: (a) turning you against true men of God, or (b) shutting down true ministries. The devil wants to put a halt to all healings, miracles, prosperity, blessed marriages and happy homes. He will fight tooth and nail to hinder men who are strong in faith and he uses the Trojan Horse tactic to accomplish this plot.  

I once researched a number of these watchmen groups and by the time I compiled all of the names on their various lists of false prophets, every minister known to mankind was of the devil! According to each group, the only people who were saved, were themselves and the people who followed their doctrines.  

If you listened to any minister in their databases, according to them, you were definitely not saved! These watchmen groups specifically target those who teach faith and those who have any of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit operating through their ministry. Read the Word of the Lord.  

Philippians 1:15-16
Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will:
The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my bonds:  

Paul by the Holy Spirit says, some men preach the gospel for the sole purpose to stir up envy, strife and contention in the Body of Christ. It's part of the divide and conquer tactic. Here's the rule of thumb to go by. When you see ministers executing personal attacks on the men and women of God who love the Church, faithfully serve God and preach Christ crucified, the attacker is a Trojan horse planted by satan to sow discord amongst the brethren, (See Proverbs 6:16-19).  

9. Rush In and Crush
In Ephesians 4:27, we are commanded to, "Give no place to the devil." When you give place to the enemy by living in sin, whether by omission or commission, you have exposed yourself to the devil and in most cases he will take that opportunity to rush in and crush you!  

10. Find Their Weakness And Exploit It
In satan's tactical warfare manual, the way to victory is to attack the weak. Throughout the Written Word of God we can find example after example of men and women of God who displayed a weakness and satan used their lapse of judgment to shred them to pieces. Remember the woman in the Garden of Eden? The devil used her appetite, (See Genesis 3:1-6).

What about David and Bathsheba? The devil used David's sex drive, (See II Samuel 11). The kingdom of darkness is always looking for kinks in your spiritual armor. When satan finds a weakness, he will attack it relentlessly! That's why we are commanded to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, (See Ephesians 6:10 and Joel 3:10). Here are the primary areas the devil looks for weaknesses

(a)   Your appetite. That includes craving for foods, beverages, alcohol and drugs. If it's edible, drinkable, smokable or ingestible, he's going to attempt to get you addicted to it.

(b)   Your sex drive. The devil will take something God meant for good and run you into the ground with it. His plot is to get you commit fornication, adultery or some other sexual perversity and then strap you with HIV/AIDS or some other STD. Or, in some other manner ruin your life through sex.

How To Make The Devil Obey You!!!(c)   The music you listen to. In the hands of satan, music is a (WMD), a weapon of mass destruction. Sitting atop the Holy mountain of God, satan was the maestro of music. He was the praise and worship leader of the entire world, (See Ezekiel 28:11-19). That is why he understands the power of rhythm, harmony and melody. He uses that knowledge to create music to entice and hypnotize men and women to sin, (See Daniel 3:1-7).

Where do you go from here? First and foremost, you must learn how to make the devil and his demon cohorts obey you, (See Luke 10:17-19). You have been given the authority, now you must learn how activate it! The place to start is by ordering your copy of How To Make The Devil Obey You!!! I'll show you how to properly use the weapons of your warfare.

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