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Terry Wells – Minister and Motivational Speaker

As a teen, Terry Wells was brought up in the church. Nevertheless, because of peer pressure and the glamorous lure of thug life, as with many African American males, he was drawn away from a relationship with Christ.

His dangerous new life involved selling drugs, ungodly influences, run-ins with the law and eventually incarceration. After a road to Damascus experience, Wells came running to Christ and since then he has been an impetus to lead multitudes away from a life of despair and confusion and into their God-ordained Promised Land.

The best way to describe Wells’ ministry is empowering, motivating and impacting. In South Carolina, Wells is an active associate and motivational speaker for West Metro Youth Leadership Program and the (J-CAP) Juvenile Court Alternatives Program.

In addition to his duties under the West Metro Youth Leadership Program, Wells serves on many youth boards within the community. His mission to minister to troubled youth has made him a regular speaker at churches, prisons, youth rallies and public schools. His impact on at-risk youth is becoming renown.

What are people saying about Minister Terry Wells?

West Columbia Youth Leadership Institute, South Carolina
West Columbia Youth Leadership Institute, MSW, CSPP, ABD Director
“…Mr. Wells is an energetic presenter and his appeal to youth of all persuasions is excellent.”

Refuge Temple, Columbia, South Carolina
Elder Hendrix – Assistant Pastor
“Terry Wells will truly be an asset to any program where young people are available to be inspired and motivated to reach their full potential in life.”

Manning Junior High School, Manning, South Carolina
J. Preston Threatt – Principal
“Thank you for participating in our “Closing The Achievement Gap” seminars. The students and parents are still making remarks about how your presentation has helped them…”

Gillis Triplett, Founder and CEO of Mastering Manhood, says about Terry Wells, “Minister Wells is a much needed breath of fresh air for both students and parents. His passion to reach our youth combined together with his firsthand experience of being an ex-thug makes him uniquely qualified to speak to the young people of our day. He understands the pressures they face and the lure, attraction and glamour of the thug life. Above all, he understands what it takes to reach them!”

“Whether you’re a pastor, principal, youth leader, prison chaplain or warden, Minister Terry Wells will not only light a fire under your people, he will instill in them hope where there was no hope, faith where there was fear, and vision where there was confusion. Their lives will never be the same!”

Some of the topics covered by this dynamic speaker:
• Nothing Is Impossible: Overcoming Life’s Obstacles
• Destined For Greatness: Making Wise Choices In Life
• The Power In Believing In Your Child (And In Yourself)

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