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For Immediate Release

Date: May 25, 2004
For further information contact:
Gillis Triplett 770-745-0547      
PO Box 310900
Atlanta, Georgia 31131


ATLANTA - Jonathan had a charismatic and electrifying personality. As far as women were concerned, he had the Midas touch. Everyone who met Jonathan said the same thing about him. "He's going to succeed in life!"  Unfortunately, this was far from the truth. In reality, Jonathan was undisciplined and unscrupulous. Bill collectors and irate clients he had outwitted hounded him and his new bride day and night.  Turns out, unbeknownst to his new wife, Jonathan was addicted to crack cocaine.

Could this new bride have avoided the pain of the inevitable marital breakup that occurred? Gillis Triplett, author of Why People Choose the Wrong Mate: Avoiding The 9 Deadly Booby Traps, says resoundingly, "Yes." 

In his new book, Triplett explores how relationships that couples initially view as nearly perfect can go bad, and, tragically, how some liaisons even become deadly. The compelling stories recounted of failed relationships run the gamut from unsuspecting fiancées being left at the altar to deadly tragedies such as being murdered by a spouse or lover.

"The number one reason why marriages or relationships fail is that, too frequently, men and women don't know who they married or committed to until it's too late," said Triplett. "But, there are red flags and pitfalls to look out for to avoid becoming a victim of smooth operators such as abusers, men on the down low, or women shopping for disposable husbands. Unfortunately, if you fall into one of these snares you can be led down a painful path including being pregnant and alone, cheated on, physically abused, a victim of a bitter divorce, a paternity fraud victim and more."

Triplett writes that after counseling, talking to, and praying with multitudes of brokenhearted men and women, he realized that the misery and agony they experienced at the hands of the person who claimed to love them was beyond appalling. 

"It was their pain and anguish, coupled together with my own dating and courting experiences, that caused me to seek the answers to critical questions. I've learned that a lot of pain and misery can be avoided if you know what to look out for," said Triplett.

Statistics confirm that many of today's relationships are in trouble. About half of marriages end in divorce, and the marriage rate has plummeted.

While a great deal of relationship information that is readily available to the public addresses what can be done to cope after a breakup or divorce, the real answer lies in preventing a failed relationship, according to Triplett, a frequent media guest who knows his topic well. 

Through his ministry and workshops he has helped countless people by providing crucial information that empowers men and women to choose the right mate.

"My mission in life is to ensure that people clearly understand how to avoid choosing the wrong mate. Love shouldn’t hurt! Unfortunately, many people fall in love and experience more pain than they ever knew existed. The facts are irrefutable. Between domestic violence, men and women on the down low, rampant divorce, liars, cheaters, users and abusers, HIV/AIDS and other STDs, it is a lover’s jungle out there - one that you dare not travel without proper guidance. My passion is to help you detect and avoid the numerous booby traps and pitfalls and experience True Love!” said Triplett.

To schedule an interview or to arrange speaking engagements, please visit:, E-mail:, or contact the author at 770-745-0547. ISBN: 1-890292-09-5, US $12.99, 224 pages, Perfect Bound.

About Gillis Triplett  

Gillis Triplett is the Founder of Gillis Triplett Ministries, a flagship of a potent network of ministries headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The central theme of his vision and mission is to protect and nurture the family. He addresses the critical issues of the heart through intense training sessions. His God-given ability as a teacher enables him to deliver a relevant and empowering message with truth and clarity. Gillis speaks and writes in such a way that his readers and listeners say that their lives have been positively transformed. In addition to his most recent book, Why People Choose The Wrong Mate - Avoiding The 9 Deadly Booby Traps, Triplett is author of numerous life-changing articles and books. For more information visit or contact Gillis Triplett by e-mail at:

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