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Why People Choose The Wrong Mate -
Avoiding The 9 Deadly Booby Traps

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By: Gillis Triplett
Trade Paperback
Publisher: Most Valuable Publications
Publication Date: May 2004
ISBN: 1-890292-09-5
UPC: 9781890292096
MVP Stock Number: GTM-B20095
Dimensions: 6 X 9
Page Count: 224
Retail Price: $12.99
Availability: In Stock

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I understand the numerous challenges to finding and experiencing True Love. That’s why I put together this exclusive online bonus offer to assist you in doing love right. Here’s what you will get…

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The Five Greatest Mistakes People Make When Seeking Love CD Format

Listen to this CD first! You are destined to have a marvelous love and once you learn these five hazardous mistakes, you’ll be empowered to find it!

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Bonus #2

What Sisters Need To Know About Men On The “Down Low” CD Format

This is a critical issue that has torn apart the hearts of many unsuspecting women. Learn the truth about men on the “Down Low” and how to avoid having one of these crafty males shatter your dreams.

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It is an irrefutable fact…

In today's world, finding True Love is a lot like trekking through a wild jungle. You have to avoid snakes, dead-ends, parasites, pitfalls, contagious diseases and well-laid booby traps.

In Why People Choose The Wrong Mate -Avoiding the 9 Deadly Booby Traps, you'll learn how to successfully navigate through the jungle of liars, cheaters, fakes, users and abusers.

You'll find out how to identify and avoid the individuals who will leave you with pounding headaches, sleepless nights, crying in the dark and cause you to regret the day you ever met them. You'll get…

The knowledge without the melodrama
The wisdom without the heartache
The understanding without the betrayal

Let’s be real. If you are like most people you know someone whether it be a: (family member, friend, church member, classmate, boss or fellow employee) who has been in a bad relationship, a terrible marriage or who has been traumatized by a nasty divorce.

I’ve got some good news for you.

You don’t have to travel down those painful paths. If you have felt the sting of choosing the wrong mate or the misery of being in a string of dead-end go nowhere relationships, there is hope!

Under my care and training, you will find and experience True Love!

You have probably heard the often-quoted verse, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” In your quest to find and experience True Love, I’ll see to it that you get the proper knowledge to make the right decisions concerning your love life.

You won’t fail in this area because I'm passionate about helping you bring God’s vision for your love life to pass. Be trained to reign and enjoy the journey to finding the love of your life.

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