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You Better Ask Her!
13 Critical Things a Man Must Know
About a Woman Before Getting Serious…

Woman in BlueBy: Gillis Triplett
Type: 2-CD Set - Compact Discs
MVP Stock Number: GTM-CD0900
Retail Price: $15.99 Online sale $13.99
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As only he could do it, Stevie Wonder croons one of the most heartfelt love ballads of all time. You may remember it; “Isn’t she lovely… isn’t she p-r-e-t-t-y...” The answer is, “Yes!” She’s lovely, cute, beautiful, stunning, fine, sexy, captivating, pretty, attractive and sensual!

girl2Girl By Water


There’s no question about that, but…

• Before you spend your money taking her to dinner, the movies, plays or buying her flowers, gifts, clothes or jewelry
• Before you allow yourself to fall in love with her
• Before you have sex with her
• Before you move in with her
• Before you marry her
• Before you kiss her…

There are some things you absolutely need to know!

Girl in White Most men learn about love, sex, dating, relationships and marriage the hard way. They meet a woman and do the hook-up thing. Some date, move-in together or get married. Others have an on-again, off again, break-up, make-up relationship and many just engage in knee buckling commitment free sex.

The next thing these men know, they are being hounded by the child support enforcement agency, drilled in divorce court, blind-sided by a hostile judge in family court or praying to God that they haven’t contracted the HIV/AIDS virus or some other STD. To worsen matters, we are in the midst of a volatile Black Gender War.

If you didn’t know this, you better wake up quick!

Terms such as Angry Black Female, Sistah With an Attitude and phrases such as: “I don’t need a man, all Black men are dogs and I have a right to be angry,” are more than just media fodder! Alarmingly, more and more of the women who fit these molds and display these mindsets are making innocent men pay for what their ex’s did to them. They’re taking their unforgiveness, revenge and hostility out on Good men by doing things such as: luring Good men into child support traps, committing paternity fraud, marital fraud and filing false rape/abuse charges.

It’s a crying shame, but there’s hope for all Good men!

In this power-packed 2-CD set, you’ll learn the 13 critical things a Good man MUST know about a woman before getting serious! Be crystal clear on this point: if you don’t know these 13 critical things, you shouldn’t be dating, courting or getting married!

You Better Ask HerRead what men are saying…

The Brother who told me about "You Better Ask Her!" was so passionate about me hearing these truths, I decided to order the CDs. I was not disappointed! There's no way I would have figured out the 13 critical things a man must know about a woman before getting serious. You talk about empowering men, you empowered me, thanks a million! I can’t wait to attend one of your live sessions! --Aaron J., Los Angeles, California

You have a special gift of teaching. The illustrations and examples and how you break things down is awesome! I have changed how I date and how I pursue the love of my life. We men need to start talking with each other. We cannot remain silent about these 13 critical things! Gillis is right, “You Better Ask Her!”
--Harold J., Marietta, Georgia

Prior to hearing "You Better Ask Her!" I met a woman and admittedly started having sex with her. What a mistake! Just like Gillis said, "these type of females give it up FREELY and WILLINGLY!" When she told me she was pregnant, I almost most lost it because prior to that time she claimed she was on birth control and definitely didn't want children. Before I could say, "What happened?" She had me on child support! I stood like a deer in headlights as the judge awarded her FORTY percent of my TAKE HOME PAY! When I heard “You Better Ask Her” and how countless men are lured into this trap daily, I bit the bullet and took a DNA test. You guessed it! The child was not mine! Because of the current laws of my home state, I’m still forced to pay child support to this scandalous female OR GO TO JAIL! Thanks to Mastering Manhood, I can see my way out of this nightmare! P.S., I’ll never make this mistake again!
--Ronald M., Miami, Florida

My ex-wife failed 8 of 13 the critical areas, but how many men know this stuff? I didn’t and because of my lack of knowledge I went through with a wedding that I should have cancelled. To make a long story short, it took me almost 3 years of agony and pain before I learned the hard way, “You Better Ask Her!” One more thing, I’m so thankful I didn’t have any children by my ex. She was trained and indoctrinated to belittle the necessity of fathers and no doubt would have turned my kids against me. It runs in her family! Thanks Gillis! I wished that I had heard about you 7 years ago! --Tony N., Dallas, Texas

Mastering Manhood has changed my life! Your messages, articles and teachings have prepared me for manhood and marriage. Brethren, I promise you, “You Better Ask Her!” --Mark, O., St. Louis, Missouri

I unwittingly wed one of these ABFs Gillis so eloquently spoke about, Not only is she an ABF, she tested positive on seven other of the critical areas. Needless to say, she made my life a living hell! The numerous counseling, therapy and pastoral sessions with the various specialists and ministers got us nowhere fast. I found out that she attended church only to trap a man. She didn’t even believe in Christ, (I learned this after the fact, from her and her family). She used me to get vengeance against her ex-boyfriend(s). I’m paying alimony and child support for what THEY did to her. I’ve done nothing but love her and tried to help her get over her unforgiveness of the past, but she saw and treated me as one of her ex’s. If only I had heard “You Better Ask Her!” before I starting dating and got married, I would have saw this train wreck coming and jumped off the tracks! --Ronald M., Atlanta, Georgia

Like these men, you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat laughing, crying and learning! This is the crucial MAN-TO-MAN conversation about women all men should have had but didn’t!

Order “You Better Ask Her” now!

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