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Featured Article

True Love Will Find You!
by Gillis Triplett

In a society filled with dishonorable males, girls gone wild, angry bitter females and misogynistic men, the Lord gave me a prophetic Word especially for you. It may look like it will never happen for you, but the Lord told me to tell you, “Don’t be discouraged, True Love will find you!” READ MORE »


Featured Article

Are You Ready for Love?
by Gillis Triplett
Everyday men and women enter into relationships and marriages hoping for the best. Only to be astonished when they realize that the person responsible for ruining their marriage or sabotaging their relationship was the man or woman in the mirror. They were unprepared for love… but they had no idea. Are you ready for love? Find out by... READ MORE »

Featured Article

You Were Born To Win!
by Gillis Triplett

When God formed you, He placed in you all of the necessary giftings, callings and talents you would ever need to fulfill His glorious plan for your life. He did not create you to sputter in life, stall, fall short or to abort your mission. READ MORE »

Gillis TriplettIs Your Belly Your God?
by Gillis Triplett

Glazed donuts, pork barbecue ribs, fruit filled pastries, potato chips, lobster, shrimp, ice cream, French fries, Coca Cola, sausage biscuits, sounds good, huh? The thought of enjoying your favorite foods can tantalize your taste buds just reading about them. But what if... READ MORE »


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You Better Ask Her! Why People Choose the Wrong Mate

Increase Your Faith

Real people, real issues and real answers!

Featured ArticleOvercoming Challenges
by Dr. Myles Monroe

In todays volatile economy and ever shifting society, you will face challenges. Knowing how to overcome those challenges and obstacles places you in the same league with men such as: John H. Johnson founder of Johnson Publishing, the Tuskegee Airman and John Bryant founder of Operation Hope. These men overcame insurmountable challenges to achieve the impossible. Dr. Myles Monroe shows you how to add your name READ MORE >>

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When The Enemy Strikes

Persistence: The Barrier Breaker

Roll Away The Stone!

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